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With the toss of graduation caps all across America from Kindergarten students to seniors and beyond, Summer officially kicks off.  2011 marked one of the hottest summers ever in Austin with scorching weather reaching triple digits for an unprecedented stretch leaving the doubters to ponder if there really is something to this ‘thing’ called Global Warming.  With last year’s sunburn still embedded in our memory, we change out our pumps for sandals and flip flops armored for battle with our sunscreen, favorite poolside drink and fashionable hat that does double duty!  It’s the time of year after all the hard studying and work projects come to the an end, we leave behind spring fever that tormented some of us in the spring months, PTA meetings, cramming for finals and the ever changing weather forecast for a more familiar, or more predictable territory; SUMMER! No matter where you go, summer is summer; kids are laughing playing in the streets, families are vacationing, sundresses sashay across the streets and mall windows beam with color.  It’s a season where you can actually hear the snores of your neighbor as they spend a lazy day in the backyard catching some rays or enjoying the shade while listening to the summer anthem of all time ‘Summertime.”

This summer I hope is no different! May it be one that you remember fondly spending time with all the people you love making it a time to remember!  We hope as we spend the summer with you at Created Woman sharing “What’s Hot” in summer snacks, fashion, fitness and more, you take many moments to refresh, relax and renew enjoying the simple pleasures of summer!

Heather Frierson


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Fashioned From the Inside Out

It was Easter Sunday as I dressed my two little girls, ages 3 and 7, for church.  It was the 70’s and Winnie the Pooh dresses, a frilly Easter bonnet, and white patent leather shoes were in style.  At last we were ready to put our hats on and leave for church. That’s when the fight with my three-year-old began.  “I not wearing dat hat,” she loudly proclaimed!  “Of course, you are wearing this hat; this is what I bought for you to wear;  please wear it for Mommy!”   “NO!”  “I don’t like it, I don’t like it,” she screamed.

I couldn’t believe I was having a FASHION tug of war with my three-year-old on Easter Sunday of all times. Thirty minutes later, off to church she marched in the Winnie the Pooh dress, minus the Easter bonnet.  Little did I know that this episode was the beginning of many tug of war matches the two of us would have in the years to come.

The 80’s came along and with them came “the fly bangs.”  “You’d look so cute with straight bangs and a long pony tail,”  I insisted.  “NO!  I want fly bangs.”  And so, I stood back and  cringed as I watched her brush those bangs to the left and right, and then plaster them down with hair spray.  She’d then march out of the house; a very confident eight-year-old that she was in style.

As a parent, I thought it was my duty to introduce her to activities that would enrich her life, as well as prepare her for adulthood.  Thus, I enrolled her in piano lessons.  “NO!”  “That’s not what I want to do!”  “I want to take dancing lessons,” she protested.  Again I insisted, “You need to learn to play the piano so you can be the church pianist when you grow up.”  “Besides, I’m afraid if you learn to dance, you might go to un- Godly places.”  “But,  Mama, I don’t want to be a belly dancer, I just want to dance!”  Of course, she won again.

By eighteen, it was time to think about career options.  Being a schoolteacher myself, I thought it was the perfect job for a woman.  I just knew this child of mine who had been protesting everything I had ever suggested for her to do, starting with the Easter bonnet, would love teaching.  Can’t genetics spill out from me just one time in my life to this child?  But, the all familiar protest of  “NO,  I want to major in Fashion Merchandise.”

And with that, I finally gave up trying to be my daughter’s Fashion Designer, both Inside and OutShe had a mind of her own of what she wanted to wear, as well as what she wanted to become.  But in the process, I learned a very valuable lesson from those tug-of-matches.  The way the limb on a tree is bent, is the way it will grow.  You can’t unbend the limb and make it grow in the opposite way that it was formed.

My little girl is all grown up now and a Mom herself.  Her name is Heather, the creator of CREATED WOMAN,  which is being viewed by thousands each month here in the United States and several countries abroad.

Heather’s vision for this website is to encourage women to become all that God has created them to be both inside and out.  Included in her vision statement for this site, she states:  “Being a Created Woman touches every single part of the world you live in!  Living out your full potential in every stage of your life whether you’re a teenager, college student, single woman or mom, married with children, career woman or grandmother, your life will leave a legacy!”

I have to believe that Heather’s vision started with her saying “No” to an Easter bonnet that she felt was not right for her to wear, and “Yes” to the call of God on her life as she allowed HIM to Fashion Her From the Inside Out to become what He created and formed her to be in my womb.   [Psalm 139:13-16]

What about you?  What are you saying “No” and “Yes” to in order to pursue the plan and purpose that God has bent, shaped, fashioned, and uniquely designed you to be?

Run to win! 5K/10K training tips

This past fall I rekindled my love of running. I ran a ton in high school and have put in a few miles and races since then but never REALLY got back into it...until 2010. The first few runs were really rough - my breathing was off, I got side cramps, and at least once a run had to tell my running partner to slow down. It really wasn't the glorious, effortless experience I was expecting. Looking back, I am SO glad I didn't give up when it was tough because after 2-3 weeks I got my flow, learning how to breathe and prevent side-cramps, my endurance and lungs got so much stronger. Now if I miss a run I really MISS a run. I feel like every-time I lace up my shoes and get out there it's a win. Here are some tips I'm learning along the way - hope they help you win too!

  • Gear up. Without the right gear running (especially during the winter!) can be a cold, painful, pitiful drag. Key pieces to invest in that will keep you on your feet: a good pair of running shoes, timing watch, running tights and turtleneck (dry-wick), socks with arch support (I love these!), dry-wick/fleece headband to keep your ears warm and the sweat out of your eyes, hat, fingerless gloves, and sunscreen. Layer up! You can always take off a jacket mid-run if you feel you're too toasty. If I'm running alone I like to use an ipod - if I'm running with my running partner we usually end up chatting the whole time...except for the uphills!
  • Proper Fuel. Lots of veggies, fruits, whole-grains like brown rice or oatmeal, lean proteins, raw nuts and seeds, and tons of H20. Limit your refined sugar intake to keep your immune system strong. Pre-morning runs I try to at least have a big glass of water and a piece of fruit. Granola bars or yogurt are also good options. My post-run routine is Emergen-c, green tea and oatmeal with almond butter and all-fruit spread or fresh berries(sooo good and filling!).
  • Consistency. Be consistent in your running days and times - mark running dates on the calendar (in pen!) and stick to them. I like to get mine done first thing in the morning before all of the distractions of life get me off track. It's a lot easier to come up with excuses about how busy I am at 6pm than at 6am.
  • Motivation. Honestly, when my alarm goes off at the crack of dawn while it's dark and freezing outside, my first thought is NOT, "this run is going to be so great for my cardiovascular fitness" or "I can't wait to get out there and build my endurance!". My thoughts are usually along the lines of, "if I don't get my booty in gear I'm going to be late to meet my running buddy!" or "if I miss this run it's going to be a lot harder the next time". I have to have my running gear laid out the night before and lunch packed so I don't even have to think about it when I wake up - I'm on autopilot for the first 10min.
  • Measurable Goals. Runner's World has a great, free running log that I love using. It's always a great feeling "adding miles" to the log and watching your progress grow! Signing up for a few races a year is another way to push yourself to run faster, longer, and stronger. Make it a group thing with your pals and be sure to grab brunch afterwards :).

Happy running!