Summer Fun Family Style

Friday will mark the last day of my kid’s 2010-11 school year. While my car is sure to have the stereo blasting “schools out for summer” at pickup on Friday. A little planning ahead can help sustain this anthem and keep any of us from singing or thinking, “we ‘re on a highway to hell” by summers end. Now don’t get me wrong I am not one to make an itinerary for the summer. However I do like to have a few tricks up my sleeve if for no other reason than to keep my kids on their toes. It may be as simple as Sonic fountain drink happy hour just to mix up the day or as complex as a surprise GEOCACHING adventure. Here are just a few thoughts that keep our family’s summer fun.

Be cool: neighborhood sprinkler parks or pools or the beauty of Barton Springs water is one way to please all the whole family. Another cool place for our gang is the movie theater. This summer will offer a variety of blockbusters. There are also great alternatives as well, like Alamo Draft House’s family friendly movie day.

Get outa here: Riding bikes, renting a canoe at the lake, hiking or our new adventure of geocaching all make for a great adventure. Any adventure pleases the heart of my son. Additionally we enjoy movies in the park as well as Round Rock Express games followed by fireworks on Friday nights.

Life is art: Zilker Hillside Theater host performances of dance, theater, and music. Austin has an abundance of local museums, and Zed’s or Shady Grove offer summer concert series not to mention the Austin Symphony concerts at Auditorium shores.

Use it our loose it: We‘ve worked hard during the school year for our children to achieve there goals so the library and half price books are frequent summer stops for our family. We’ve also worked hard for our marriage. So dates are a must. Taking a salsa class or just stealing an hour for coffee we make it happen. After all our time with each other is how we got our family in the first place.

Keeping these in mind I’m sure my family will be singing “unforgettable” as summer ends.

Created Woman Devo Team-Meet Kala and Nichole

Saturday morning devotionals begin on Oct. 2. The writers are  smart, courageous and they're women who are honest about life. Meet  two members of the CW Devo Team.

Kala has been working her way up the corporate ladder in the retail industry for 15 years, starting off hanging clothes in the stockroom and now an Operations Manager for 271 stores across the Central United States & Mid-Atlantic Area.  Kala has grown up along Interstate 35, spending her younger years in Laredo, TX, graduating from high school in Austin, TX and now residing with her family in Dallas, TX.  Her parents pray she doesn’t continue to follow the highway any further north!  No one would have ever thought that Kala would have ended up with a job crunching numbers & monitoring budgets, especially since her first loves were the theatre and her Victoria’s Secret credit card.

This young career Mom doesn’t have much free time on her hands, especially with her very active 3 year old daughter Ava in the house.  Her favorite thing to do during what little spare time she has, is to cook; which works out quite well for Eric, her fabulous husband of 5 years, who loves to eat.

“There’s nothing quite like chopping vegetables after a long day!”

Nichole is an eternally curious, art loving, forever hopeful young woman living in Austin, Texas with her husband, Christopher, and their beloved dog, Laila. She’s a student at the University of Texas and is earning her BA in English Literature. She believes in the power and beauty of literature. Her inspirations include C.S. Lewis, A.W. Tozer, Elie Wiesel, and countless musicians. She dreams of assigning papers over 'Fahrenheit 451' and 'Lord of the Flies' to high-school students, adopting a baby, and adding a few more dogs to the family. Born with a beautiful voice, Nichole’s a songbird who’s been able to minister to others through her singing at Shoreline Church. Chris and Nichole love catching live music downtown, watching Modern Family, laughing until they cry, and exploring all that God is and does.

Kala will publish every 3rd Saturday and Nicole on each 4th Saturday

on the Created Woman Facebook Fan Page.