Austin Jailbreak 5K - New Paths

When my running partner forwarded me a link about the Austin Jailbreak 5K I knew I couldn't turn it down! The Austin Jailbreak is a 3.8 mile run with a total of 17 obstacles including (but not limited to) a gauntlet, water crossing, rock climb, police blockade (aka jumping over cars), a muddy crawl, and something called the "powdered donut" (which I was a little concerned about).

So...this past Saturday when my alarm clock went off in the 5 o'clock hour instead of a groan I excitedly pulling on my carefully laid out running gear like a student on the first day of class. Not quite knowing what to expect but looking forward to something new! After a ton of water, cup o' joe, and a banana, we anxiously waited for the gun to go off.

The run was one of the hardest I'd ever done - not because of the distance or the weather but because trail running is no joke! It takes a lot more energy and concentration - mentally, physically - to navigate over rocks and sticks on a totally new path than to navigate a well known sidewalk. We climbed bales of hay, jumped cars, ran over sand, water and mud, and army crawled through drainage pipes filled with gravel that cuts our knees...but we did it!!! It was great having people cheer us on and volunteers yelling, "you're at the front of the pack, keep it up!".

Isn't that just like life? It's easy to get comfortable in our routines, the same well-worn paths. And there is nothing wrong with long as we're willing to try something new from time to time and stretch ourselves. We may get a little beat up along the way but the struggles will be well worth the growth and in the end we can say...we did it!!!


Several people in my life have become engaged over the last year.  It has been a beautiful experience watching each relationship advance.  Acquaintance moved to friendship, friendship blossomed to love and love motivated these couples to live out the sum of their days together. The engagement phase, in most cases, brings the couple even closer, as they busy themselves working through the details of the wedding, and are faced with the reality of being ‘together’ – forever.

One of the definitions of the word engage is to occupy ones self or to become busy or involved.  While this is an appropriate word for a soon to be married pair, there is a vast number of singles who are engaged – in other ways.  Engagement encompasses a great deal of our lives.

Today, most singles have the freedom to pursue personal interests and careers or spend time investing in friends, family and other life-opportunities.

Here are three important areas of engagement that lead to a healthy single life:

  • Friends – Friends and family make life much more colorful.  Surrounding yourself with those who have common interests and beliefs and can relate to you is important.  Identify your need for friendships and relationships, and then embark on developing and maintaining healthy, lasting connections.
  • Fortune – I’m not referring to your bank account, exclusively. Time, talent and resources, combined, make up your fortune. It’s important that you continually develop and resource yourself so that you can give what you can to help others.  We were not created to keep all that we have to ourselves. You have a very significant and important part to play in this phase of life.
  • Future – A question for you – How will you be remembered?  When you cross over from this life to the next, what will you leave behind?  What will people say about you when you are gone?  You are building your legacy, daily.  With every choice you make, legacy is being created.  Ensure you are living your very best life, not just for yourself, but for those coming after you.  Remember the part you decide to play in life is important

Are you engaged, yet??

Crafty Creations!

This past week I have gone into work with little to do. In that time I decided to search wedding blogs to get ideas for my own wedding. On my short lived search I came across my friend's wedding, which I have been completely obsessed with ever since. Everything looked so crafty and handmade. She was married outside, in her aunt's backyard, which I never would have guessed just by seeing the pictures. After looking through her pictures and talking to her a bit about the wedding, I was inspired. With that, I have a few ideas that are easy and can make your wedding look like a million bucks, without costing it :) 1. Rather than traditional flower centerpieces, think outside the box. Books, candles, lanterns, sporadic flower arrangements, these all make just as nice, less expensive, centerpiece ideas. 2. Check out these DIY vases. You can make these and fill them with water and float a votive on top, or place a votive or candle on the inside to illuminate the design. 3. Our venue is full of trees and we saw the idea in a wedding book to hang candles from the branches. I thought this was so romantic and it seemed easy enough. This link is to a chandelier type of hanging candle. I don't know that I necessarily have time to do this but it looks nice! 4. For my bridesmaids I have been racking my brain on what type of gift to get them. I still haven't chosen a gift but these adorable boxes are perfect for dolling up any gift. 5. Lastly, on the subject of bridesmaids, I found this a little too late for my own wedding, but hopefully someone out there can make use of them! These invitations are so precious and so much more personal when asking your wedding party to be a part of your special day.

I could go on forever with many more ideas but I think this is a good start! Good luck with your DIY projects and if you're looking for anything in particular just send me a comment. I'm sure I've found it somewhere!