April Flowers Bloom in Fashion & at Home! My day with my Instagram App

April is in full bloom here in Texas and so have been the April showers (not this week though...come back, we need more water in the lake!).  So although our theme this month is #GoingGreen, for Fashion Friday I thought it would be fun to see just how much of the Fashion Fantasy Spring Trend has bloomed (ha!).  To my surprise, as I went throughout my day, the trend sprung up all around me!  So, with my nifty Instagram Ap my friend and co-CW writer, Nichole, introduced me to, I snapped away!

This was my day running through the flowers!

The day began taking a picture of my favorite floral decor arrangement that sits on my fireplace is  in my house.


Being Easter Weekend, I've been preparing for our Easter production with late night rehearsals, so I started my day off shopping before going into work.

My mission:  Mother's day dress to match my little Hadley's white dress with green bow.

Mission Accomplished!  My 1st mother's day dress I ordered online because the store didn't have my size....Can't wait to show you a pic of me & Hadley on Mother's day with our coordinating dresses :)

Disclaimer...Not Instagram :)

Next, off to shop for Patio Furniture for our backyard but what I found was a whole lot more!

My MUST HAVE chair from Pier 1...feel free to surprise me with this gift!  I love it but have no idea where I'd put it in my house!

Great pillow (BTW - Loving my Instagram features!)


Then it was off to work to really start my day!  My newly decorated office from the wonderful Myles Wren was right on trend with the Spring Floral Fantasy.  Thanks Myles!


Gotta have a decorative coffee cup for your guests!


While at work, so many girls flaunted the spring trend in lots of different ways.

Ashley was one of my favorites!  Cool, casual and ready for the summer!


Having fun with the girls!  One of my favorite floral shirts from Targe' a.k.a., Target.

Cheryl used the floral trend as an accessory.

Amy sported a brown floral summer dress that looked great!


PAUSE:  Although this was not part of my day, I had to share this picture I took a few days ago of my friend Alex's daughter.  Isn't she cute!  She's sporting floral leggings.  A future fashionista in the making!


For lunch, I took off to Chipolte (like usual) and flew into Khols to get a glimpse of LC's line and this bracelet  was too cute not to show.

Get the look now for just $24 to start your Floral Fantasy Collection

Then, finally rehearsals came and the cast & crew began to show up to rehearse.  And there she was, my friend who made my fun instagram day possible, Nichole.  She, too, was wearing the floral trend and it was a great way to end my day of running through the flowers!

Take a look around your day and see how much of the Floral Fantasy trend has snuck into your world and send us a pic!  We'd love to see where you find the trend in your day!

Happy Good Friday, Fashion Friday



Golden Globe Hits and Misses

  Typically, I don't count down to award shows. However, I do love the fashion that these events bring. This year it seems that stylists have outdone themselves. Perhaps Rachel Zoe has proven that if you're really good at your job, you too can have a reality show, and thus pushed stylists everywhere to work harder. The dresses this year were just amazing! Though where there are countless hits there are also some sad misses. I'll try to keep it brief, but let's start this magical fashion journey with a few of my favorites.




































The ladies above truly came dressed to impress. While the list of impeccably dressed women is incessantly revolving in my memory bank, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, Jessica Alba, Paula Patton, etc., the ladies I chose were just a cut above the rest.

Now on to a few, er, shall we say, confused choices. There were more than a few misses, but the stylists responsible for the faux pas' below should maybe watch a little more Rachel Zoe Project. Or perhaps celebs should learn when to say no, like the next time they have a red carpet event and their stylist chooses something resembling any of the following...

















































Now I'm no Joan Rivers, Kelly Osborne, or any other claimed fashion authority. These are just humble opinions and observations from a girl who obviously watches a little too much Bravo (and perhaps just a dash of E). Feel free to chime in with your best and worst dressed opinons!



Fall Hairstyles

Fall is here and so are my favorite new hair trends






Warm it up Just adding a warm tone to blonds brings a fresh new look after the summer. Likewise the ombre style color of darker roots fading to a lighter end is a trendy way to darken your summer look for a warmer fall feel.






Go Red Its back in a big way. Beautiful copper reds and warm caramel red tones. Don't be afraid to go a little bolder.






Texture No more flat irons needed. Beautiful bounce and beachy waves. Its not your granny's perm movement is key.






Braids For a day with the kids or date night braids work. Try them on any texture or length.

Fishtail braids are a beautiful fresh look.







Whatever style you choose to embrace for fall be true to you. Healthy hair is beautiful hair

Clogs, Fashion and Function

Clogs were a part of the “hippie” expression of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s and they are back!  Sighted on the runway of Louis Vuitton and Channel Spring 2010. They are styled with mini-skirts, jeans, shorts and    skinny or wide-legged pants.

This fall, you'll find clogs in multiple fabrics, prints as well as leather.

While they are all considered clogs, they have just as many differences as they do similarities. They range from a stiletto look to low and chunky.

If you're a short-legged woman, lengthen the look of your legs by wearing tights to match your clogs.

You won't have a hard time finding them this fall because they're everywhere and come in a wide price range.

I walked into the Marriot Hotel last week and there was Kelli McAnally, administrator with Round Rock ISD in her Dansko clogs. She told me she has twelve pair and they make her feet happy!!

Dansko Black Desert Snake

The question this season isn't whether you'll wear them or not, but rather which clog will YOU be wearing?

Military-inspired fashion

A trend toward military-inspired fashion is a great transition into fall. While leaning towards tough and edgy this look can be balanced by combining them with more feminine pieces. Rachel Bilson pictured here pairs her J Brand cargo pants with a flowy knit top.

A well-fitted military jacket (like the Balmain version pictured below) is also a great fall transition look. Paired with  leggings or denim, a tank, and a great pair of pumps for summer and with layer with a button-up and boots for fall you can't go wrong with this fun twist on the classic black blazer.

Whether it's a pair of skinny cargo pants or vintage jacket the military look is sure to command attention!

Summer Swim and Sun Dresses

Vintage Vixen!

Summer is sizzling with hot new sun dresses and swimsuit styles! They're so hot that no one needs to be afraid to head to the dressing room to try on the new beach wear style because, if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that the new look really isn’t new at all! The 50’s and 40’s styles have resurfaced in 2010 with their high waist and low cut bottoms, which are sure to please every shape and size. The vintage looking swim suites are hot in solids, polka dot or gingham exactly like their first debut.

Then, after your day at the beach, keep the look with a sassy sundress that sports a bustier top and ‘A’ line skirt. Grab one from a favorite store in the mall or take a day to go vintage store hopping and find an original from the 1950's! I guess the creators of Mad Men knew what they were doing after all! How can we resist the look when even the bold red lip is back for summer?  It all goes together so seamlessly!

So for the perfect summer get away, grab your oversized straw bag and stuff it with a vintage looking one or two piece swim suit, a floral ‘A’ line sundress, red lipstick and a great hat to top it all off. With that, you’ve got the look all in one – flirty, fun, trendy, sophisticated and oh so glamorous! How can you miss?  This year, every girl is sure to catch some great rays while feeling like they own the beach!

Reply & tell us what your favorite summer look is this year.

For great vintage looking suits, shop check out Jantzen, Betsy Johnson & Unique Vintage just to name a few!

Denim Trend...for babies!

The denim trend is so big this year that even our little ones are catching on wearing the denim trend as non-other but a diaper! Huggies has introduced a new line of diapers for our little fashionistas with diaper jeans! Yes, diaper jeans! Not to worry about the clean up though, the jean look is only printed with a jean like pattern and once your little glamour girl messes up her ‘jeans’ they can be thrown away just like the other huggies. But until that little mess up, your little tot will to cute to trot in her new jean diapers! But hurry to the store because this denim trend will be short lived and just like all other trends, by July 2010 the jean diaper will ‘poop’ out