CW Beauty Tips & Picks

One of the best ways to find the best Beauty Tips is look around and get the Top Picks from women who look their best! To find out how the  CW writers always look their best I asked them to share their personl Top Picks, the things they won't leave home without. It won't surprise you to see how diverse their choices are. Fownder and owner of Created Woman, Heather, says she's been using Oil of Olay Cleanser and Moisturizer since she was thirteen. "I have tried other products but have always switched back to my tried and true. "




                    Covergirl LashExact Mascara is Erika's top pick.

"After trying all the expensive brands of mascara,

this is the one that gives me the most definition, volume and length."



Jessica says this about  100% Organic Jojoba oil!

It is 100% natural and smells great! I LOVE this stuff because it has so many uses and a little goes a long way. I use it:

  • As a lip balm
  • Added to my face/body lotion (you really only need a few drops)
  • Apply to hair then wash out as a hair mask








Every one knows Carmindy, the encouraging makeup artist from What Not to Wear. Coby's Top Pick is from Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty by Carmindy.

This is the only thing that covers my melasma (hormonal discoloration from pregnancies).The melasma was so bad after my third pregnancy and this ws the only product that covered it and still felt light and natural.



I don't start or end my day without 3 pumps of

Mary Kay Replenishing Serum + C coupled with Day/Night Solution.  

My skin is tout, it's not too heavy and I started getting carded again.





Stila Natural Finish Oil-Free Makeup foundation gives me the perfect, natural coverage. It gives me a smooth, even look and lasts all day. 



Express is a clothing store but they have such a great lip gloss! Their "Black Cherry Lip Gloss" is the perfect color for anyone. It's a pinch of red with a little cherry flavor. I love it!








                                                                       MAC Studiotech Foundation

                                                                  The coverage and finish is flawless. - Lilly

It is the only line that makes a foundation with the color I need for my ebony skin.~Cheryl


So, if you've been on the search for a better age-fighting product, mascara or foundation, give these Top Picks a try.

Lunchbox Makeover

It's back to school and time to get creative in making kid's lunches appetizing and healthy.

In the movie,"My Big Fat Greek Wedding," Nia recalls the torture of pulling her Greek mousaka from her lunchbox while the girls around her called it  "Moose Caca" and laughed. She dreamed of eating a sandwich on white bread like the other girls. At this point in time, most people already know there's not much nutritional value in white bread and you might be one of the moms constantly working on a "Lunchbox Makeover," a lunch that's appealing to your child as well as healthy.

First Lady, Michelle Obama, challenges Americans to become educated and act in regards to  the epidemic of childhood obesity in the U.S., stating that one out of every three children is considered overweight or obese. Gathering information about what a healthy meal looks like is the easy part, but getting a picky eater to down  a healthy meal is sometimes a little trickier. Thankfully, there are some stealth moms that have taken action. Jessica Seinfeld, author of Deceptively Delicious and Missy Chase Lapine , The Sneaky Chef, make no bones about lacing lasagna with hidden veggies or serving delightfully pink pancakes with hidden beet puree.

Registered dietitian, Karah Sanchez, gives some suggestions for packing school lunches.

  • Make sure your child's meal is balanced with foods from different food groups. Try picking out a whole grain, a dairy, a vegetable, a fruit, and a protein for each lunch.  Add a  light cheese stick or nut butter for dipping apple slices or for spreading on rice cakes.
  • Yogurt is great source of protein and calcium, but stick to light or reduced fat and stay clear of yogurts high in added sugars.
  • Try changing up the carb in the lunch; try experimenting with wraps, tortillas, flat bread, rolls, instead of just the standard sandwich bread. When picking out grain products, turn the label over and look for the ingredients list. The word “whole” needs to be present in front of the grain, preferably as the first ingredient (i.e. whole wheat flour).
  • Instead of packing 100% juice, pack fruit (instead of OJ, pack an orange instead) It will provide added fiber for your child. Pack flavored water or reduced fat milk as the beverage, and keep in mind that fruit drinks are loaded with added sugars.

Most importantly, "don't give up" if your child rejects your attempts to lead her down the healthy path of nutrition. Keep trying and follow the footsteps of stealth moms that have gone before you.

We raised three picky eaters. Lord knows there are lots of things I'd do differently, but thankfully, they all eat vegetables now. One of them even has the letters R.D. after her name... registered dietitian.

I found a couple of videos of those moms sneaking healthy foods into something kids like....amazing!