Summer Lovin'

It all started with my favorite fashion hippie, Nicole Richie. Years ago when she decided to part ways with Paris and become her own lady, we saw a gentler, tinier, more fashionable side of Mrs. Richie (er, Madden?). She wore head scarves and dangling necklaces to accent her bikinis. The jewelry/ swim suit combo can now be seen on celebs in nearly every summer edition papparazzo picture. So let's just be honest for a minute. I own an accessory boutique, I am a serious fan of fashion, and who doesn't love summer? But swim suits and bling on us everyday folk -- is it even possible? Indeed it is!

The key to this summer  trend, like with most things in life, is moderation. In everyday life I am sort of obssesed with arm candy; in summer accesorizing life, no one wants salt water trapped beneath a Michael Kors watch and 25 bangles. With that being said, tone it down a little ladies. Less is more when you're adding jewelry to your swim suit.

See how easy it is to add a little extra oomph to that two piece?

Another favorite of mine is adding length to the ultra simplistic beach look by throwing on a necklace or two. Layering different necklaces is an easy way to add to your look without going overboard. Chains and charms can create movement and length. Be sure to choose the right type of chain, one that won't leave a damp feeling that can be created by a heavy piece. See: Katie and Maryanne in subtle additions below


In essence, the trick to looking effortless is usually making the effort to look that way. A short and simple summary of how to accessorize like the stars without looking ridiculous can go a long way when summer is full of pool parties, beach days, vacations, and cookouts.

To find any of the pieces shown visit www.veritasboutique.com.

Photo credits: Jordan Ott (find her on facebook!)


What Really Matters

Fashion trends for the summer are one of my favorite things. As I look through magazines, I love to learn the basic essentials I need for the latest fashion trends.  It makes things easy for me to shop and dress when I just focus on those basic pieces.  I find that I don’t waste a lot of time when I focus on what the “experts” say really matters for the season. It gives me a sense of confidence in what I am wearing on the outside.  I have also discovered that, when I focus on the basics of life, life is much easier as well.  I then become more confident on the inside.  This week, I was fortunate to have time to sit on my porch one afternoon to relax and just read as my kids played. To be honest, I had used the very basics of life that day so I could enjoy that time.  Instead of going to the gym or killing myself with a work out, I had a long walk at home; instead of killing myself in the kitchen; I prepared a simple, healthy meal in the crock pot for our evening dinner; instead of thinking I had to work extra hours for my job or it would never get done, I gave my timeline to God; and instead of thinking I had to plan every minute of the day to entertain my kids, I realized they truly love “just playing” outside  

What I realized is this…when I focus on the basics of life, I’m able to enjoy what really matters.

As a Fitness and Food Designer for Busy women, I have seen many women who are chasing so many different things that it keeps them from enjoying the basic things of life and ultimately keeps them from living a healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Has life become so busy for you that you are no longer focusing on what really matters?

Are you so busy,

  • Trying to please other people instead of looking to please God which can keep you from feeling confident in who you really are in Christ.


  • Trying to be something you are not instead of learning what God created you to be which can keep you constantly busy, yet never feeling successful.


  • Attempting to do too many things at once instead of giving attention to one thing and left feeling exhausted with no energy for yourself, family or career.


  • Focusing on succeeding in things that are really not important that you feel like you are failing over and over or are not good enough.  I love what Francis Chan says in the book Crazy Love, “Our fear should not be failure, but at succeeding in things in life that really don’t matter.”

 These are things that can keep you so busy that you are unable to enjoy what really matters. Life can be easier when you focus on the basic needs of life, which allows you to learn how to be:

  • physically fit with proper diet and exercise
  • spiritually fit by spending time with God
  • mentally and socially fit by doing what you are called to do

 Ask yourself the question:  “What is keeping me too busy and keeping me from what really matters?”



With summer around the corner, you may find yourself in a different routine. Vacations and weekend get-a-ways can easily get us off track from our normal health and fitness routine. However, no matter where you are, you can build in a work out and incorporate a few simple tricks to eat healthy. The key is thinking outside of the box from what you may normally do.  If you routinely take exercises classes, what will you do if there is not a gym around?  If you walk each day, what do you do if there is not a safe environment or treadmill available?  My favorite new workout is Tabata.  This is a great 11 minute workout for the busy, traveling woman that is proven to get results. It can be done anywhere with minimal equipment or none at all.

If you have a few trips planned this summer, start thinking about what you can do to get a little exercise and be in control of what you eat.

Can you do this?

  • Call ahead to see if there is a gym available at your hotel or in the area
  • Have a friend commit to walking with you
  • Pack pieces of equipment such as an exercise band
  • Take a quick trip to the grocery store and be responsible for your snacks

To receive Crystal’s Picks, email me to get a list of quick healthy foods for a busy lifestyle and travel

  • If you have to get fast food, skip the value meal and go ala cart


Don’t get in a rut by thinking if you can’t do your normal routine, you can’t do anything at all, be flexible and change it up.

To learn more about the Tabata or for your own 30 minute work out that requires nothing more than an exercise band, email me at Crystal@crystalclearchange.com.

The Big Reveal

Well, for those of you who have followed the blog, you know that the wedding was just a few weeks ago. Actually, I guess it was almost one month ago! Time flies! Anyway, the day was wonderful. The weather was perfect, aside from a little wind, which insisted on keeping the candles flame less, everything was great. In the days, even weeks, leading up I was so nervous about things that were "bound to go wrong" as many brides had warned me. Yes, things went wrong, but it didn't ruin my night. After a long weekend of scrambling to finish last minute projects, and unleashing terror on anyone who crossed paths with me, I was so relieved when the wedding had actually come. So, with that said I have posted a few pictures below of the wedding and some of the details you've read about throughout the process. So without further a do...  












Well, there you have it, the night in a nutshell! There is so much more to see and be said but maybe you'll just have to keep reading to unravel the details. For now, thanks for following!