I've Been Robbed

  While meeting with a co-worker during a one on one brainstorming session I presented a few ideas and she shared hers.  We had some great thoughts and after several hours of collaboration decided she would present the best one to the boss during their next meeting.  Trusting her turned out to be a big mistake.


“ ‘Do not steal.  “ ‘Do not lie.  “ ‘Do not deceive one another.  “ ‘Do not defraud your neighbor or rob him.  “ ‘Do not hold back the wages of a hired man overnight.  Leviticus 19:11 & 13 (New International Version)

She presented the idea as her own and made it seem as though I just pulled some data together at her request.  To make matters worse, our idea is being rolled out to the entire company and it looks like it’s all her.  Did she want the glory?  A reason to ask for more money?

If you have been the thief in a situation like this it’s time to face the music.  Apologize to those you have hurt in the past and don’t do it again.  The bible reminds us throughout both new & old testaments that stealing leads straight to death.  In this case I’m thinking it could be a career ender.

Perhaps you, like me, have been the victim.  If that’s the case forgive and move on.  Remember that you reap what you sow and God’s got your back.

In case you’re wondering I have a new approach for idea sharing.  Either I share in a larger group setting or I send an email after a brainstorming pow-wow recapping the discussion.  Save a copy, print a copy… just in case.

Stoplight Prayer:  Father in heaven, thank you for blessing me with the job that I have.  Help me to work together with others and give us the opportunity to shine.

Hungry for More:  Proverbs 10:2 tells it like it is and 1 Timothy 6:3-10 reminds us what happens we think about money.

Veritas Boutique

Who is she... the girl with a busy schedule,  responsibility  at work, and a heart to do right by others? She's the woman in your carpool. She sits in the cubicle next to you. She's your next door neighbor. In fact, this might be you. You're the woman who loves life and gives life.

Whether struggling to squeeze  in time for yourself describes you or you're already successful in making sure you pamper yourself, Veritas is an easy fit for any lifestyle.

Offering a beautiful selection of natural stones, crystals and Czech glass.



Who is Veritas Boutique?

Veritas is an online boutique for lovers of accessories.

Handmade by Earthen Treasure

Stones include Moukaite,lapis lazuli, malachite


What is Veritas all about?

Twenty-something , Nadia O'Connell Sanchez is  living out the first installment of her lifetime dreams. This young business owner partners with artists in different parts of the country to provide shoppers with the opportunity to purchase one of a kind handcrafted items.

Handcrafted for Veritas Boutique by Just 1.

Nadia has made shopping  a multi-faceted experience. She's incorporated her strong social conscience into the framework of Veritas .

She donates twenty percent of each purchase  to one of her favorite  non-profit organizations. The Magdalene Project, Hubbard House and are some of the groups that have been supported through her clients'  love for shopping and unique accessories.


Predominately brass chain joined with copper and silver  Glass pendants

 Swarovski shimmers between beads of coral, unakite, and moonkite.

CW Monthly Giveaway

In just days, you could be wearing the Royal Necklace pictured below. Visit the Created Woman FB Fan Page , name your favorite non-profit organization and your name will go in a drawing for this mother of pearl and coral combo.  Don't forget to mention @veritasboutique & @createdwoman in your post.

Don't wait another moment. Click on Veritas Boutique to see the newest additions. Join  Nadia as she partners to fight domestic violence, human trafficking and support creative outlets that change the world.

What's Your Reputation? Dance to a different beat in 2012 & find a new one!

As a little girl, I would sit and listen to records as I played with my Barbie dolls and toys in my playroom.  I would dance and sing along until I played the record so much it would begin to skip repeating the same word over and over again, again, again, again, again, again…annoying!  Finally, the record played its last note and never found its way to the turntable again.  Over the Christmas Holidays, I watched a movie called '12 Dates of Christmas’ and just like a broken record, the characters kept repeating the same date over and over again, again, again, again, again….12 times until they finally got the date right.  Not only did they get to repeat the date until they got it right, all the mistakes that were made before were forgotten. If only we could be so lucky!  Each time, Kate’s character learned something new and in one conversation with her wise next door neighbor the neighbor said somethingI found profound, “Reputation is history in rumor form.”   What a great perspective!  A rumor is fleeting if not proven true.  Our reputation, choices we are not proud of, can be forgotten like a bad rumor if we prove them untrue by simply making new choices. What do you want to disprove about yourself in 2012?  New Years always mark a season of new beginnings and just like a rumor, 2011 is in the past and great new beginnings are on the horizon if we choose to take them.  Dating guys who don’t value who you really are, continuing the relationship that should have ended in 2010 or 2009 but got too comfortable, having too many red tape around us where others couldn’t even get close enough to ask us for a date, making choices with men you aren’t proud of or marrying someone in our head on the first date only to find our heart broken again, again, again, again, again……

Let 2011’s reputation be history in rumor form and start fresh in 2012 learning from all those mistakes you kept repeating and put on a brand new record.  One that you can dance and sing to; makes you smile and puts a fresh beat under your feet.  Single ladies, 2012 is your year to get up and dance to a new song if you are tired of the old!  In this year, throw out those old records and dance to a new beat creating a reputation for yourself that even you never get tired of hearing about.  Do it now in 2012, now, while you are single!



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Fitness on Demand

Thanks to a great tip from CW’s own Heather Frierson, I’ve discovered Fitness On Demand, great workouts right in my own living room.  Last week my kids jumped in and joined me, you gotta love that! We have AT&T U-verse but my guess is if you have any sort of “on demand” feature on your TV, you probably have free fitness videos waiting for YOU! Top 10 Reasons to Try Fitness On Demand:

1. It’s Free - Well, kind of. Assuming you are not pirating your neighbor’s cable service, you most likely pay some sort of monthly fee. But you ALREADY pay it! And unlike the movies on demand – fitness programs are free of charge!

2. It’s On Demand - Hooray, this means no class schedules to keep up with. No, “I have to be at the gym 15 min before BodyCombat starts so I can get a space.” On demand means you get work out whenever your heart desires, as long as you can get the remote away from the guys in the house.

3. Lots of Variety - I’m amazed by all the classes available. If you are stuck in a workout rut, this is a great cure! There are so many options; you’ll be able to go months without doing the same thing twice.

4. No Driving Necessary - The best part about no driving is that you won’t be tempted by Baskin Robins, Duncan Donuts or Starbucks on your way home from the gym. So you can avoid that one stop where you replace every precious little calorie you just burned!

5. What to Wear - If your favorite outfit is in the laundry, no problem!  Just throw on a t-shirt and shorts and toss that dirty laundry in the washing machine during your work out.  Can you say “multi-task”?

6. Make Up - If you are one of those girls who won’t go to the gym without your make up on – have no fear – there is no one to impress in the privacy of your own living room.

7. No Make Up - If you are one of those girls who prides herself in NOT wearing make up at the gym – have no fear  – there is no one in your living room to make it unmistakably clear to that you are so not at the gym to impress them! Whew!

8. Abs - You can squeeze in a 10 min abs work out almost ANYTIME throughout your day! And I do mean squeeze!

9. You Get to Use Your Own Shower - Need I say more?

10. It’s Encouraging - You may be working out alone, but you still have the benefit of an encouraging voice telling you “you can do it!” and “great job” even though you opted-out of adding upper abs to the reverse crunches! We all need a little bit of encouragement.

Give Fitness On Demand a shot, and then tell us how it “worked-out” for you!

Lynn Marie Cherry has a heart to encourage women towards freedom and plant seeds of hope. She enjoys sharing insight from God's word and the world around her. She has been married for almost 20 years to the same great guy, they have two amazing boys. You can read more at