Bringing in the New Year In-Style

Out with the old, in with the new....new outfit that is!  Toss out those old, dull outfits and say goodbye to 2011 with not just a bang, but with a sparkle and pizzazz.  For all those high-class parties to the much needed night out with friends while the kids play somewhere else, we've got a style for every occasion to help you ring in 2012 in-style.


There's no better way to say 'hello' to a new year than with sparkles!  It screams 'here I am 2012, welcome!'  For the dare devils, head-to-toe works great or just a little sparkle in your shoe or purse still starts the celebration off right.


The shoe says it all!

For the classic girl, the perfect LBD can never be wrong or go unnoticed.  You can very easily pair with a little bling like the above glitter shoe or stay classic through and through like Reese Witherspoon.

For a more, if I dare to say, casual sparkle, try the ever so glamourous sequin pants.  Dress them up or dress them down with a simple white T and you are set to party in comfort!

Hem Length


The maxi skirt and dress hit the stores in a big way the past couple of years and you can bet they will be a big hit on New Year's Eve.  Not only are they beautiful, but the long, flowy length is very comfortable  and allows you to breathe as you dance the night way.


If you've got the legs, why not show them off?!  Short doesn't have to mean un-classy; it's all in the way you accessorize.  Here, Kim Kardashian adds a touch of class by pulling her hair back in a bun and Demi Lovata pairs the perfect black, short jacket to complete the look.

Color Trend

Winter white stood out on the red carpet this season and everyone can wear it!  Short, long, dressy and casual; it's the color of the season.

For all those winter white outfits, a nude shoe perfects the look!

Continuing with the winter white trend, the color gave a new twist to the tuxedo jacket for women.  Even J-Lo added the piece to her Kohls collection that all can afford.


For those of us that opt for a quiet dinner with friends, we can still bling it up a little with our jeans.  A little sparkle here and there help usher in the new year in comfort while not missing the bling-bling.

Don't forget the tops!  A fun, flirty, sparkle top keeps the party going all night without skipping a beat.

So no matter what your plans are as you say goodbye to your old friend 2011 and say hello to 2012, staying in style is as easy as saying, 'Happy New Year!"

Have fun, be safe and have a wonderful New Year!





Coats, Boots & Sparkle! A Coat-aholics Favorite Addictions

Last year, I painfully admitted I was a coat-aholic.  This year, I must admit that therapy didn’t work and my addiction is worse than ever!  As my closet expands with coats, cardigan, long knits, crop, and you name it, outerwear seems to take up most of the real estate.   As I plan my outfit every day, I begin with which coat I'll wear and then build my outfit from there.  Often times, after the coat of choice is chosen along with the normal jean, my go-to boots always fall into place.  If you know me at all, you know that fall is my favorite time of year. So without further ado, here are my favorite fall pieces – coats, boots and sparkle!  

Being the classic girl that I am, my #1 favorite coat is the trench coat.  Although I have several novelty trenches in several different colors, my ultimate dream trench coat is the classic Burberry Trench that's been a staple for over 100 years!  So, if any of you are wondering what Christmas gift to buy me...


These coats have been paired with two of the hottest trends this season; the Mad Men's 50's cut with the tangerine color.  This hot, summer-esqu color is not going away anytime soon and itt's just been named the 2012 color of the year by Pantone, Tangerine Tango.


The poncho trend also popped up this summer and is still going strong.  Fun & elegant all in one!

The maxi coat is another one of my favorites. If I lived in a land that had a real winter, I would live in this coat!  This floor length style transitioned from summer skirts to winter coats seamlessly.

Ankle boots continue to be fashion staples, but I must admit they took a while to grow on me.  Now, however, I'm searching feverishly for the perfect ankle boot to add to my closet!  This red suede is perfect for the holidays and adds the perfect pop of color to our fall wardrobe.

Lace-ups, lace-ups, lace-ups!  This style was all over the runway and can be worn in knee high, calf, or ankle boots.  It's a touch of edgy that every girl needs.

Suede made the top fashion trend for fall 2011 in everything from boots to purses. For 2012, this fabric is still going strong!  As with any trend, everything comes back around in about 10 years so investing in some great suede boots will bring you pleasure this year and in years to come.

The riding boot has always been popular with the equestrian crowd, but the fashionistas have taken them to the main stream.  These boots were my go-to everyday while I was pregnant. I have to admit that the practical yet stylish boots have become one of my all-time favorites!

Finally, the holiday season wouldn't be complete without a little sparkle!  Adding shimmer to the eyes and playing up eyelashes with extensions make you stand out in the crowd at holiday parties.  For those that tend to shun the sparkle, be a little daring during the holidays. I promise you wont' regret it!

An easy way to add sparkle is to put on a great polish to your normally buffed nails.  I know what your thinking, 'nail polish doesn't stay on.'  True, but for a great party and all those pictures you'll be taking Christmas morning, it's worth having a little sparkle that's easy to take off when necessary.

So, to all my fellow coat-aholics, boot lovers and sparklers, enjoy the fall season wearing all your favorite addictions! And share with us your deepest, darkest fashion dependencies!

One of my favorite coats in my closet!

This spectacular coat was found in Dallas at a designer consignment shop and a good friend told my husband how much I loved it!  Christmas 2009 was a good year!  I love the bustle on the back and the mandarin collar.  When people ask me what kind of coat it is, I feel like I'm on the red carpet as I reply, "Vintage Chloe".  Yummy!

Celebrating the Holidays in Style! Fashion & Fun

This time of year is filled with buzz about what to eat, what party to go to, where to shop and, of course, WHAT TO WEAR!  For me, the holiday season is just an excuse to dress up and feel 'fancy' in my otherwise normal everyday life of work, wife and mommy-hood.  Why shouldn't a girl feel like she's walking down the red carpet, even if it is just up a side-walk that leads to our neighbors' beautifully Christmas decorated house.  We can all pretend cameras are flashing all around as we strike a pose and show off our new dress or the new accessories we bought to make an old outfit look brand new.  It's Holiday Fashion Fun at it's best! As we search our stores or our closets for the best look for each and every holiday event we must attend, or actually want to attend, here are a few tips to make sure you celebrate the Holidays in Style!


 The LBD is always a safe and glamorous way to step out for any occasion.  I must admit, it's always my go-to choice.  Here, Jennifer Aniston wears a tank cocktail dress that, yes, can be worn during the holidays. No need to worry about the weather! Just grab a great coat or wrap and take it off once the party is underway.

 Of course, a little more glam always gets extra attention!  Gold or silver sparkle helps you stand out amongst the sea of LBD's while remaining festive, just like Eva Longoria.

Lace is the fall trend and it's showing up from everyday wear to cocktail &  formal dresses.  No matter what the occasion, try lace to add that feminine touch.  If a lace dress is a little over the top for you, try a lace top paired with pants and coat or stole or any kind of wrap.

Tomato Red is the new red for the season.  It's the color of Christmas, but its deeper hue adds a touch more sophistication and brings the fun out of all of us!

The Fur Vest made its debut a couple of years ago and it's still going strong.  The great thing about a Faux Fur Vest is that it can dress up a casual party outfit or make a splash as the accessory that ties the sparkle together.  Try a long or short one this holiday season to add an extra bling to your wardrobe.

Be sure you don't overpower you perfect holiday dress with too much bling on the ears.  Let your dress continue to do the talking while your earrings compliment.

Of course, there are those special informal parties we attend almost on a weekly basis during the holiday season.  The best way to look holiday appropriate for these small get-togethers, whether it's at home or office, is to add a tweed cardigan to jeans or pants. Then,  top it off with an accessory in a  seasonal color like red.  You'll stay party and holiday appropriate!

We all know that keeping up with our mani/pedis during the summer is a must.  But even though our toesies may be hidden under warm boots, our hands are still open for all the world to see!  Keeping up our manis (and our pedis too, for those open-toe party shoes) is still important during the cool winter months.

Instead of the normal glitzy sparkle necklaces, pair a pop of color with your dress.  It's definitely a fun way to add sparkle during the holiday season.

Stella & Dot, my favorite new jewelry line, has made a splash in the past few years with appearances ranging from "Live with Regis & Kelly" to this summer's hit movie "Bridesmaids".  Check out their holiday line, along with other spectacular affordable pieces for your everyday wardrobe, and find a Stella & Dot party near you!  It's worth it!

With all the fuss about what to wear, it's the hair that adds the finishing touch. Don't let it be an afterthought. Either a sleek, sophisticated pull-back  or a whimsical ponytail will allow your dress to shine instead of hiding behind a floppy mess!

Hair accessories are another great way to accessorize your party fashion while being a conversation piece.  Fun, flirty and fabulous!

For great holiday hair tips, email CW's hairstylist, Coby, or visit her website to get your hair looking fabulous for all your parties!

Of course, we would all love to pair our well thought out cocktail dress with the perfect Jimmy Choo shoes.  But for those of us that live in the real world, we can get a little taste of the fancy life by spritzing on a little Jimmy Choo perfume for only $150.  What girl shouldn't have Jimy Choo?!

Express Dress

If you're in the mood to shop for a new holiday dress but have blown the budget on Christmas gifts, stay fashionable and thrifty. Stores like Express and Banana Republic carry great holiday cocktail dresses and shoes.  Your friends will think you spent a fortune!

Express Shoe

Banana Holiday Perfect Party Outfits

Banana Republic 'Red Hot Purse' is the perfect accessory!

Makeup for Holidays

Makeup is always my favorite finishing touch!  Red lips, paired with more natural eyes, make a statement and are the lips that everyone wants to kiss under the mistletoe!

For a more natural holiday look, check out Victoria Secrets Holiday Makeup Collection to look and feel like an angel!


Have a blast celebrating the holidays in style, being the Created Woman you were made to be, both inside and out.  That's what it's all about after all!  Created Women are Fashionable, Fun & Fabulous!

Merry Christmas!!

Share your fun & fabulous Holiday Style tips with us!  Get us in the know!

Simplify my closet!

I used to be one who loved 101 choices when it came to fashion. You know, purses that matched every outfit, shoes in every color, jeans in all the different washes, and colored tops galore! Well, that is how it was until…… I had a family to tend to in the mornings, a serious job that I had to be on time for each day….oh and not to mention school work that I was exhausted from the night before. I just didn’t have that extra 30 minutes to sit on my closet floor and decide from all the choices I had, what I was going to wear that day. So to simplify my life, I simplified my closet. Besides, my husband stuck me with the smaller closet in our room. Not sure HOW that happened or HOW I let it happen, but I guess I was ready to downsize because I didn’t even fight him for it. Needless to say I got rid of a lot of old stuff and decided to start fresh. You know that segment in the US weekly or PEOPLE magazines, “I really love my……” and you see pictures of celebrities wearing a clothing item or accessory that they wear over and over again in like 5 different pictures but in each picture they wear it differently making it into cute outfit each time? Well, that’s what I wanted to do. I just wanted to buy just some core pieces and accessories that I could make different outfits out of, but I needed to find a core color that I would stick to and that is how I found…...the color GRAY (or is it Grey?)! This color has done wonders for me these last couple of seasons. Do you know how many different other colors go with gray? Red, maroon, white, ivory, taupe, purple, navy blue, pink, black, turquoise, and so on. And you can wear this color all year long! It’s like the new black for me. I don’t even remember the last time I wore black…wait I take that back, I actually wore a black skirt a couple of days ago, but before that it’s being a non-black season. So I created a color scheme around gray which included navy blue, pink, purple and taupe only bought a hand full of core pieces and accessories in that color family and low and behold I had a new wardrobe! Even shoes too! I bought some super cute gray, lace up booties at Nine West a couple of months ago and I have worn the crap out of them already! They go with everything and even better I have been able to wear them everywhere. Work, date night, and I even wore them to a wedding once! I was pretty much able to mix match everything I bought and made quite a few different outfits out of everything. Keeping items with patterns to a minimum also helped. Most pattern items tend to be trendy and not likely to past to season after season. Good tip if you’re trying not to spend a fortune each season. I am telling you this simplifying thing has been fabulous! No more 101 choices for me!

Changing with the Seasons

“Hello, My name is Heather and I’m a coat-aholic!”  Yes, I have finally admitted my addiction after years of buying cardigans, coats, long jackets, short jackets, waist- length jackets, capes, throws, shawls…Oh, I love them all!  If only I could layer in the summer…..if only Austin had a longer winter!  What’s a coat lover to do especially when the seasons change almost everyday in central Texas?  I can barely keep my perfect, long, winter white Banana Republic jacket on long enough for my girlfriends to see before the sun peaks out turning the perfect winter day into a California beach day! Changing of the seasons can be difficult on your closet especially when each day is, well, a new season!  So to help all of my fellow coat-aholic friends out, here are a few great layering pieces that will get you from those cold winter mornings that turn in to mild spring afternoons.

1. Capes are a great way to keep warm, look stylish but not look too bundled up.  Capes come in classic looks like black, leopard or can be the main accessory of any outfit.  Capes have been around since fashion began.

2. Long Jackets & Cardigans are my favorite!  Especially in the every changing weather of Texas.  Wear them over short sleeves and take it off as the sun peaks out.

3. Trench coats have become one of may favorites as well.  Trench coats are classy, trendy, sophisticated and will always be the perfect coat from day to night.

4. If you're blessed to live in a climate that has seasons, you get to choose from a variety of coat lengths & styles.  Long, belted, pea, double breasted.  The list goes on.  Choose a great classic color like camel or black and wear it for years.

5. For those that love to stay on trend, a great faux fur vest makes you feel like you are in a winter wonder land without being over dressed.

6. The Military look appeared in full force this year and the trend carries over into our winter coats and capes as well.

Of course, the ultimate jacket, from my point of view, is the classic Burberry Trench Coat.  It doesn't get any better than that!

So enjoy the changing of the season and the daily changing of coats & capes!

The Perfect Holiday Dress

The holiday shopping season is here and so are holiday parties!  Usually with all the hustle and bustle, the party of the season you have been looking forward to all year suddenly sneaks up on you.  And somehow, every year you find yourself staring helplessly into your closet yelling, "I have nothing to wear!"  just hours before the big event.  Well, it's no time to fret because you still have time....at least 2 weeks ....that's plenty of time for the girl on the go.  To help save you some extra time, here are some helpful tips on how to look your seasons best for the 2010 Holiday season.

Stick with Metallics

Try a dainty dress like the Mad Men Ladies who have brought back the 1950's lady-like full skirt.

Lace is sexy and sophisticated

Red of course is great for the Christmas Season!

Any sequin jacket can dress up a casual party outfit or compliment the most elegant party dress.

Don't forget a clutch like these from Banana Republic.

Finally, for the perfect holiday outfit that will never go out of style.

Have fun at all your holiday parties while looking your best!

VMA 2010 Entertainment & Fashion

This year's VMA'S just like the ones that aired on September 12th once again proved that Fashion always takes center stage no matter what the event.  "Who are you wearing," is by far the most asked question on the red carpet.  From Rihana to old school performers like Cher who wore her most famous outfit from 20 years ago, fashion and music are a match made in heaven. Winners included ranged from the controversial Lady Gaga to the tween king of pop himself, Justin Bieber.  But the fashion is what we remember most!  Here are some of my favorite pics from this years Awards.

Leather has surfaced as a must in accessories as well as clothing.  These ladies did it the best!

Jewel tones make a great impact no matter where you are going just like Dancing with the Stars Karina Smirnoff.

Neutral tones which were huge fro spring and again for the fall, get a little face lift with sequins.

More neutrals taking on the minimalist look that's a trend this season showed up in silver.

Taking a tip from the 1940's, Miranda Cosgrove from Disney's ICarley, showed off her flapper style.

Lace is a great trend to use as an accessory or part of a great outfit.  Sammi Gianacola wore lace in the perfect ratio.

But when in doubt, a LBD or a Little Black & white Dress will always be a winner.  Ashley Green from Twilight showed how a classic BWD paired with great shoes will shine on any red carpet.

Another Great year at the VMA's with more amazing Red Carpet moments for all Created Women to take a cue from!  Have fun walking down the red carpet where ever you are!