Seeing Beyond The Clothes

Remember all of those cliques back in High School?  Preppy, Cheerleader, snobby, popular, skater, and yes even the loose girls.  We could tell exactly what ‘group’ someone fit into simply by the clothes they wore.  Now, looking back, I wonder if those cliques really reflected who we were.  The best illustration I’ve ever seen how cliques might not be all their cracked up to be is in the Movie ‘The Breakfast Club.’  By the end of their day in detention, the self-proclaimed “Breakfast Club” realized a big reason they dressed or acted they way they did was to please someone else.  By just talking to people outside of their clique, the revelation was made that they all had the same struggles, questions and some likes.  It didn’t matter what clique they were in.  In that one day the “Breakfast Club” came into their own and were never the same. Though we may never have a transforming day like theirs, hopefully somewhere along the way we find we don’t have to fit into a clique at all.   We just have to be ourselves.  Today, I don’t feel a need to fit into a certain category.  People will either choose to like me or not.  Others may put me into a category that don’t fit me but you know what?  I don't care because I know who I am and my worth is much deeper than the clothes I wear.  My clothes reveal who I am on the inside and I like that girl!

The best thing I ever did while I was single was rip off all of those labels and figured out who I was on the inside – what were my likes, what styles or things was I drawn to.  By just adjusting my mind-set in that one area, it helped me understand what guys were, well, a little bit more worthy of me.  It also helped me be-friend girls that looked beyond what I was wearing.  I found my own Breakfast Club!

Clothes do say a lot, so make sure you are sending the right message.  Your clothes are an outward reflection of who you are on the inside, not a certain group.  So this spring as you hit the mall for the new Spring Fashions, take a look in the mirror first and ask if you still chasing ‘that group’ you think you want to be a part of.  I hope not because trust me, life get’s better in every area when you are true to yourself.  So don’t wait, see beyond the clothes now, while you are single.

Fingerprint: Uniquely Marked for a Purpose

“Heart to heart bilingual communication” might well summarize Yvonne’s book.  Based on real-life events from her life or the life of someone close to her, Fingerprint relates “heart-warming” as well as “gut-wrenching” accounts of life at its best and at its worst.  With English on one page and Spanish on the facing page, Ms. Sánchez provides inspirational reading for many around the world. Based on the principle that it takes twenty-one days to form a new habit, Fingerprint offers twenty-one days of devotionals to draw the reader’s heart closer to God in a subtle, powerful way. Fingerprint exhibits effective use of both English and Spanish to enable the readers to review a variety of aspects of life and come to a point of feeling the finger of God touch their heart and lives. Each day’s reading includes a brief Bible scripture, a real-life story, an opportunity for a personal reflection, a prayer related to the lesson of the day, and an Old and a New Testament scripture for additional reading.

Overall, Fingerprint is a well-written, powerful, heart-to-heart, daily devotional which can easily lead the reader into a new habit – seeing God in every circumstance of life and experiencing the life-transforming touch of God’s finger touching the heart.  I highly commend this inspired devotional to you! It would make an awesome gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or Mother’s Day.

Fingerprint: Uniquely Marked for a Purpose Author, Yvonne Villareal Sánchez

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Book Review by Guest Contributor Dianne Myers Haneke PhD

Professor Emeritus of Literacy Education, Dianne Myers Haneke PhD enjoys writing inspirational and informational materials to encourage individuals in their relationship with God.  Dianne has authored five books to date, taught writing classes at Concordia University-TX as well as at Shoreline Christian Church, edited a variety of manuscripts, and mentored several aspiring authors to get published. She and her husband John have three adult children and eight grandchildren. Hanekes enjoy music, motor-home traveling, and photography in their retirement and are home-based in Manor TX.

The Resolution of a Godly Wife

A Godly wife, who is she?  The more I learn the more I realize I need to learn. It can be overwhelming to read Proverbs 31. Will we every measure up to her? We sometimes get caught up in trying “to do” all of those things and forget to just be quiet and “listen” to our husband and to the Lord. I find myself this year making the same resolution that I have made in the past.  So why can’t I get it?

It seems I am hearing God louder and louder these days saying “Shh”, he is my responsibility not yours.  God does not need us to prove His point; He does not need us to share with our husband what we feel he should do over and over again.

There is power in being quiet, yet it seems I have to be gently reminded by the Lord.  Why is it when I feel I have learned that lesson and can go on to the next, I am humbled and reminded my mouth is not perfect and needs to be readjusted one more time.

Proverbs 31:28 says,

She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

I guess that is why I feel it is my duty to explain to my husband what he should do. I am sure I know what God is speaking to him, as if I am the Word of God.  However, gaining wisdom comes in moments of self control, reflection and quietness with the Lord.

So this year, instead of being overwhelmed with all that I want to be, my prayer will be to be quiet and remember my duty, as a Godly wife, is to be a praying wife for my husband; and as I sit quietly, I am sure God will give me wisdom to fulfill those “other duties”. It is during that time He can show me how I can best support and encourage him.

Remember a quiet spirit is also a gentle spirit.  Our eyes, our body and actions or lack of action can be just as harmful as the words we speak. What are we saying to our husband without saying a word?  Are you acting like someone who you would want to talk to?   Proverbs 31:28 says her husband praises her. How hard is it to praise a woman who never listens, feels she knows it all or displays an attitude that is less than unloving and disrespectful?

So instead of getting caught up in the list of things to be and do, let’s demonstrate self- control, be quiet and listen with a smile and warm heart while we draw closer to the Lord. In doing so we  may be surprised to learn our husband does care what we have to say and may even ask to give him “Wise Instruction”.  (Proverbs 31:28).