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Making Dreams Come True

Opening the email, the first sentence read, “Would you like to bless some people?”  My immediate thought was, “Of course.  Who doesn’t like to bless people?”  Jennifer and Chad were going to be married in two months, November 11, 2011.  Their lives had changed dramatically within one week.  They lived in Bastrop, Texas, where fires burned businesses and residents for over a week.  Their home and the venue they were to be married in were burned to the ground.  The Oaks Events Center staff met with Jennifer and Chad two days after receiving that email. Jennifer’s face beamed.  She smiled from ear to ear when she walked into the bridal suite.  Her eyes met with the ornate gold hook that her wedding dress would hang on and a tear rolled down her cheek.  It was a look I will never forget; surprise, joy, and peace.  As an Event Manager, the most important rule is; if the bride is happy, everyone else is happy.  Chad had a sense of relief as he watched his bride to be have a moment of joy in the midst of loss.

There was a huge sense of community in the two months preparing for Jennifer and Chad’s wedding.  From linens, to Tiki torches, to a sunset wedding ceremony on the front lawn, cake, catering, an evening of laughing and dancing, and bubble blowing as a farewell to the bride and groom; the day was spectacular.  The Bastrop community, friends and family of the bride and groom, and The Oaks Events Center all pulled together to make Jennifer and Chad’s dream come true on their wedding day.

Stacy loves to share with groups of people; to Inspire you to dream big, to Empower you to become better in spirit, mind, and body; and to challenge you to Share what you have learned with others. Some of the topics she is passionate about are: health and fitness, relationships, leadership, communication and conflict resolution within any environment. She has been on staff at her home church, Shoreline Church, in Austin Texas since 2002. She is the Event Manager at Shoreline Church and The Oaks Events Center.  To learn more about Stacy, please visit her website

Book Review:Table for One

Table for One is a collection of narratives and reflections followed by introspective questions that can be used a personal devotional or for a group to reflect on life’s challenges and personal growth. Every woman has had a dream then woken up in the morning asking, “What was that all about?” and most of us have at least one shopping experience where you watch and wait and watch and wait for a dress or a pair of shoes to go on sale so you can bring them home where they belong. Author, Lahoma Dade shares the details of a shopping experience then transforms it into a metaphor for life. She recounts the details of a dream then explains how the characters and actions symbolized emotional baggage that were holding her down. Ms. Dade's reflections  show her maturity in her Christian walk and  her narratives have the potential to inspire the reader to look for their own "aha moments" in what appear to be mundane activities of life.

The author is a single woman and the title infers that the book's target audience is other singles. I was glad to find that the content is appropriate and targeted for any woman wanting to make the most of her life. The interior design  includes curvy, feminine graphics that give an elegant look to the  pages. Some of the journal questions were meaty and all require honesty. Table for One is an impressive premier work that would add to the library of any woman who enjoys literature with a reflective component.

Lahoma Dade is an entreprenuer and motivational speaker. She engages crowds with her abilities as a storyteller in person as well as on radio. She is committed to inspire all people to live purposefully and develop their gifts.  To learn more about her or to purchase Table for One, visit her website :

Her  book will be on sale at Shoreline Church on Dec. 4th & 5th. For more information, go to

Created Woman Devo Team-Meet Kala and Nichole

Saturday morning devotionals begin on Oct. 2. The writers are  smart, courageous and they're women who are honest about life. Meet  two members of the CW Devo Team.

Kala has been working her way up the corporate ladder in the retail industry for 15 years, starting off hanging clothes in the stockroom and now an Operations Manager for 271 stores across the Central United States & Mid-Atlantic Area.  Kala has grown up along Interstate 35, spending her younger years in Laredo, TX, graduating from high school in Austin, TX and now residing with her family in Dallas, TX.  Her parents pray she doesn’t continue to follow the highway any further north!  No one would have ever thought that Kala would have ended up with a job crunching numbers & monitoring budgets, especially since her first loves were the theatre and her Victoria’s Secret credit card.

This young career Mom doesn’t have much free time on her hands, especially with her very active 3 year old daughter Ava in the house.  Her favorite thing to do during what little spare time she has, is to cook; which works out quite well for Eric, her fabulous husband of 5 years, who loves to eat.

“There’s nothing quite like chopping vegetables after a long day!”

Nichole is an eternally curious, art loving, forever hopeful young woman living in Austin, Texas with her husband, Christopher, and their beloved dog, Laila. She’s a student at the University of Texas and is earning her BA in English Literature. She believes in the power and beauty of literature. Her inspirations include C.S. Lewis, A.W. Tozer, Elie Wiesel, and countless musicians. She dreams of assigning papers over 'Fahrenheit 451' and 'Lord of the Flies' to high-school students, adopting a baby, and adding a few more dogs to the family. Born with a beautiful voice, Nichole’s a songbird who’s been able to minister to others through her singing at Shoreline Church. Chris and Nichole love catching live music downtown, watching Modern Family, laughing until they cry, and exploring all that God is and does.

Kala will publish every 3rd Saturday and Nicole on each 4th Saturday

on the Created Woman Facebook Fan Page.

The Balancing Act

Balance?!? Ha! When I think of “HOW” women try to keep a “balanced life” with all we juggle, I picture those brave (some may say crazy) -TIGHTROPE ACROBATS. With every step they re-adjust their balance, while remaining so poised!?!  Isn’t that us????  Shouldn’t we get an applause, or expensive gift each week…heck, each day, that we survive with some level of finesse!?!


I enjoy a good friendship!  Close friends inspire and challenge me.  They also give the “secret glare” if I start spreadin’ myself too thin.


My relationship with the one who actually “created” me helps keep me balanced in ALL my relationships. I regularly “practice” spending quality time with God (it does take practice to make it become a lifestyle, versus just calling my girls to tell them what “SO n SO” just did.)

As I “allow” myself to be vulnerable with God, it helps me be more “myself” in all my relationships. After I share…I often wait to see what He places in my heart.


I love writing my goals down.  I pray first to avoid just writing “good ideas.”

They are typically categorized under:

  • spiritual
  • physical
  • relational
  • emotional
  • financial

Writing down my goals helps keep me focused. It’s also fun seeing them get accomplished.

Walking “my version” of a tightrope as a wife, mom, counselor, and businesswoman, I try to live my life with my desires held UP in the palm of my hands (instead of in a closed fist out of fear or worry) …allowing God to “have His way” with matters concerning me.

The peace of God fills in my inadequacies and completely “balances me” when things are still undone or not how I hoped, so I can still enjoy today!

“…and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:7

Guest Contributor, Andrea Moore

Andrea  resides in Austin, TX with her husband and 3 busy boys (ages 6, 5, & 2). She served in full-time women's ministry for several years, and now owns a boutique and works as a Biblical Counselor part-time.

G.I. Jane

Last week my sister and I watched G.I. Jane with Demi Moore.  I had seen parts of the movie before, but had never really sat down and watched the entire thing.  The part of the movie that I liked the most was seeing her training.  She had to physically train more to be a Navy Seal in order to keep up with the men who were in training for the same thing.  The part of the movie that I didn’t like was that she wanted to be treated like a man.  She didn’t want any special treatment because she was a woman.  As a woman, I want special treatment: doors opened for me and being spoken to with kindness.  I don’t want to be overlooked for career opportunities that would better myself and those around me because I am a woman. This past weekend I was part of an amazing conference for youth and young adults, Elevate 10 at Shoreline Church.  I had the honor and opportunity to see lives transformed through worship, messages, and most importantly the presence of God.  My role was to direct the conference and lead the tworship (technical + worship = tworship) team, which included all men except me.  A woman leading men can work.  Why does it work?  We are all working toward the same vision: to create an environment to make the name of Jesus famous and to create an atmosphere where lives are transformed.  We have respect for one another’s roles, gifts, and talents.  We treat each other w/respect by the way we speak to one another.  Each of us own our roles and take responsibility for them.  We want everything to be done with excellence.  We have established relationships so we trust one another.  I had a blast and our team worked great together.

I had women all around me at the conference, most of them younger than me.  It was incredibly refreshing to see women praying for one another, encouraging one another, serving one another, leading one another, and being one another’s best cheerleaders.  It is a high value for me to be supported, believed in, encouraged, and given ownership of things.  From the lobby, to the café, to the breakout sessions, to the main sessions, I was able to see women in roles leading, serving, owning, and being believed in to make the conference happen.  You could see the joy on their faces as they were serving and knowing they were making a difference.

The “Single Ladies” breakout session with Heather Frierson and Tamra Cobbins gave great perspective on dating, singleness, and marriage.  The question every woman wants answered is, “Am I beautiful?”  When you truly believe that Jesus made you unique and beautiful, you have confidence and completeness in Him.  Then your heart is more open to what Jesus has for you and it’s easier to attract a complete man as well.  That’s a bonus.

Women are special.  They are servants.  They are leaders.  They are daughters of Jesus.  I am going to serve and lead, but most of all I am going to enjoy being the daughter of The King.

Stacy McVane