Did you say, "Green Cosmetics?"

In today's American society, to be "green" doesn't refer to green with envy but rather sensitive to the earth we . Is the product manufactured in an ethical way? Is recycling a part of the process? Is it friendly to the environment? In investigating beauty products  that fit the bill, I discovered brands whose mission and purpose earned them recognition by Certified Green Cosmetics.


Our mission is to create high performance natural skincare that is powered by nature, proven by science.


Burt's Bees

This company started out selling their renowned lip palm  at craft fairs and they've come a long way Baby! Their line now includes products for men, babies, skin, face, body, hair AND products for the outdoors.

Aside from a great quality product, here's what I love:

We believe in giving back.Through The Greater Good Foundation, we commit to pledge at least 10% of all Web Site sale revenues to our selected "well being" partners.





In 1959 when other companies were including man made perfume and petroleum in their products, a group of Californians moved towards a more natural approach with Apricot Oil, Peppermint Oil and Wheat Protein. In addition to face, body, hair and sun products these guys have a entire Oral lineup of toothpaste and mouthwash that  do not include chemicals and are safe for people and the environment.

  Mary Kay Cosmetics

While Mary Kay Cosmetics doesn't carry the "green seal" their newest product is called  Botanical Effects Skin Care and the products do not include synthetic dyes or added fragrance. All of their products have a 100% buy back guarantee.

Each of theses companies reaches out to a wide range of clients and they include products for dry, normal and oily skin. Focused on providing  people a quality product, it appears that each of these organizations has a reputation of  putting their clients needs out in front, and if you're not already 'brand loyal' you might want to give one of these companies a try.

Stay Pink: Supporting Breast Cancer Research All Year Round!

When you hear the words 'Breast Cancer’ or ‘Cancer’ in general, the word “Celebrate” isn’t usually the first to come to mind!  However, the closer we get to a cure and the more we get involved, the more cause for celebration there is!  For this reason, the effort to Stay Pink should radiate from deep within until the day we have a Finale Party that forever demolishes this evil beast!  Until that day, Staying Pink has almost become so effortless as so many events, products and awareness constantly help raise the resources needed.  In effort to highlight just a few as we wrap up the month of October, Here are some of my favorite ways we can forever Stay Pink!  

An obvious choice since Halloween is just a few days away, Pink Candy not only taste good, but does good too!  All the pink candy you need for Halloween and beyond plus, 7% of your purchase will go to breast cancer research. 

The Christmas gift to yourself that keeps giving for you health nuts who love to run, Reebok has come out with a Pink Ribbon Reebok Line that looks great too!  Run your heart out while keeping the awareness!   Purchases up to $750,000 will go to Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.


A good way to stay pink, is to take care of your skin.  Orgins Make a Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment and is donating $5 from each sale to Breast Cancer Research.


A fun way to keep pink on all year round is by sporting OPI’s Pink shatter on your nails.  It's fun, sassy & very pink!  OPI launched the limited edition Pink Shatter: Pink of Hearts Nail Lacquer to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure in its promise to save lives and end breast cancer forever, $8.50, ULTA Stores




Avon who has been an advocate for breast cancer research for years designed this pastel pink jacket in which 100% of net profits  are donated to Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, $45,  Stay Pink even throughout the winter!

Reese Witherspoon & friends at the Avon Foundation for Woman Event



In support of research in the name of fashion, Ford designed the Ford Warriors T-shirt for only $25.



Director of the movie 'Five' - Alcia Keys, Jennifer Anniston, Demi Moore

What's the best way to get people listening?  Get 3 of the biggest names in Hollywood to direct 5 short films exploring the impact of breast cancer on people's lives.  Set your DVR for November 5thor  6thon lifetime to see these incredible stories.  They will encourage you to Stay Pink forever!



Just in the past few weeks, one of my favorite TV Personalities, Giuliana Rancic, announced she had the early stages of breast cancer.  After undergoing surgery, she was back to work in a week!  By catching it early and now raising awareness, she is Staying Pink!  Congrats Giulina, may we all follow in your footsteps and get our mammograms, too!


"I still have a long road ahead, but thanks to everyone's overwhelming love, support and prayers, it will be an easier journey,” Rancic told E!.



As the face of Estee Lauder, British actress, Elizabeth Hurley attended the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Month Event held at the Selfridges Department Store in London on September 29, 2011.

As part of a Pink Ribbon Collection designed by Elizabeth Hurley, this pink lipstick set will donate 20% to their research foundation.  See More of the Collection!


Ladies, Stay Pink all year round!  You can raise awareness, look & feel stylish while sporting some pretty cool gadgets!  It's not hard to help save lives!

Thanks for Staying Pink!

Emmy Awards Fashion 2011 Roundup

Primetime Television never looked so good!  With a year that's seen so many changes in television from cancellations of long-running soap operas replaced by 'reality' TV to new shows that look like they were filmed in the '60's, the night brought out your favorite weekly stars to celebrate the new look of TV.  Thankfully, we got to see some familiar faces as well and I must say, I wasn't disappointed!  Of course,  my favorite is the seeing the stars glide down the red carpet.  Here are a few of my favorite red carpet moments.

Sophia Vergara in Vera Wang

I love the color against her skin and she looks effortlessly with her beautiful brown hair.

The 1920's trend showed up on  he runway during fashion week and it's already made it's way to the red carpet with the 2 following stars.

 Evan Rachel Wood in Elie Saab

Simply sleek with a 1920's hairstyle to compliment her beautiful black ensemble.

Aubrey Plaza in Juan Carlos Obando

 The beautiful, white  dress was reminiscent of the flapper era polished off by her hairdo of the same look.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Pucci

Who says a rockin' hot mom can't rock a mid-drift at the Emmy's?


Jane Lynch in David Meister

The night's host looked beautiful and age appropriate.  She's one funny girl who actually understands how to dress.


Katie Holmes in Calvin Klein

 Choosing one of Fall's bright colors never looked so easy as only Calvin can do!


The Color of the night was Red and these stars looked hot!


Tell us who your favorite was



Representing the new face of TV, the cast of Charlie's Angels.  All three showed their individuality.


Funny Moment of the Night

It may not have been a fashion moment but it's one we have to mention.  In the category of best supporting actress in a comedy, all the nominees stormed the stage like a beauty pageant to hold hands waiting for the winner to be announced.  It was a first for the show and ended with the biggest laugh as they crowned the winner...literally, with a crown!



Zeo Dechenel in Monique Lhuillier

Although she was crowned Fashion Police's worst dress by Joan Rivers, I loved her look!  Zoe is quirky and walks to the beat of her own drum and she didn't disappoint.  I thought her look was fresh and cute with a hint of the 1950's.  Plus, the dress had pockets that always come in handy!

Until next year, I hope you enjoyed our Emmy Fashion Roundup!

CW Beauty Tips & Picks

One of the best ways to find the best Beauty Tips is look around and get the Top Picks from women who look their best! To find out how the  CW writers always look their best I asked them to share their personl Top Picks, the things they won't leave home without. It won't surprise you to see how diverse their choices are. Fownder and owner of Created Woman, Heather, says she's been using Oil of Olay Cleanser and Moisturizer since she was thirteen. "I have tried other products but have always switched back to my tried and true. "




                    Covergirl LashExact Mascara is Erika's top pick.

"After trying all the expensive brands of mascara,

this is the one that gives me the most definition, volume and length."



Jessica says this about  100% Organic Jojoba oil!

It is 100% natural and smells great! I LOVE this stuff because it has so many uses and a little goes a long way. I use it:

  • As a lip balm
  • Added to my face/body lotion (you really only need a few drops)
  • Apply to hair then wash out as a hair mask








Every one knows Carmindy, the encouraging makeup artist from What Not to Wear. Coby's Top Pick is from Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty by Carmindy.

This is the only thing that covers my melasma (hormonal discoloration from pregnancies).The melasma was so bad after my third pregnancy and this ws the only product that covered it and still felt light and natural.



I don't start or end my day without 3 pumps of

Mary Kay Replenishing Serum + C coupled with Day/Night Solution.  

My skin is tout, it's not too heavy and I started getting carded again.





Stila Natural Finish Oil-Free Makeup foundation gives me the perfect, natural coverage. It gives me a smooth, even look and lasts all day. 



Express is a clothing store but they have such a great lip gloss! Their "Black Cherry Lip Gloss" is the perfect color for anyone. It's a pinch of red with a little cherry flavor. I love it!








                                                                       MAC Studiotech Foundation

                                                                  The coverage and finish is flawless. - Lilly

It is the only line that makes a foundation with the color I need for my ebony skin.~Cheryl


So, if you've been on the search for a better age-fighting product, mascara or foundation, give these Top Picks a try.

Dress to Impress on V-day

Getting ready for V-Day? I am! I just love the occasion to get all dressed up and go out. But the most important question here is, "what the heck am I going to wear"?!? Whether you have a hot date planned or going to the Bobby Bones Singles Mingle event, you need something fabulous! There are ALOT of different options in dresses, so whatever style you are this year I am sure these ideas will help you get you started!  The Belmont Flirt – For this look, the color options are endless. Just stick to solid colors and think short and flow-y.


                                   Express                                     White House and Black Market                                    Express


Sexy at Sullivan’s – This fitted style will always get you noticed! Don’t be afraid to show some skin for your honey! I am sure he would appreciate it ;)


                                  Express                                                         Express                                                        BEBE


South Congress Cutie - This style is great if you just want to say “I really like you”. It’s not too dramatic or daring and just the right amount of skin exposure.


                                            Zara                                                                     Banana Republic                                              Forever 21


The Driskill Diva – Fancy-smancy! Show him that momma still has it going on! I can’t think of a better color then black or any dark color to accomplish this look.


                                 Nordstrom                                                              Gap                                                   White House and Black Market

Beauty Essentials: your fall make-up bag

I don't know about you but my make-up bag can get a little out of control from time to time! At least every few months I like to clear out the clutter and add in a few "must-haves". There are so many great products out there sometimes it's hard to choose which items are right for you. After researching, trying on, and reading reviews here is my list beauty essentials that may be a great addition to YOUR make-up bag!

  • Moisturizer is a must as we move into the chillier months - La Mer is an incredible face cream (if you can afford it)...if not, Oil of Olay Regenerist and Oil of Olay Age Defying, and the ROC series have received great reviews!

  • Fragrance - Burbberry Brit Limited Edition is a perfect fall choice with citrus, pink pepper, baked apple and plum (pomarose), cinnamon, peony, cedar, sandalwood, amber and tonka bean. Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison is another great choice with notes of jasmine, heliotrope, bitter almond, caraway, tuberose, ylang ylang, orange blossom, green stems and leaves, vanilla orchid, sandalwood and musk.
  • Deep blue/teal/burgandy nail polish is great to include in your bag for any quick touch-ups - stick with OPI for a long-lasting finish.

  • Cream blush is a more favorable choice to powder during the fall/winter when skin tends to be dryer - Smashbox Skin Tint is an amazing product!!
  • Lilac Purple and Metallic eye shadows can brighten up your face while not overdoing it  - MAC Seedy Pearl, Plum Dressing, and White Gold are all great fall picks that have a smooth finish.
  • Berry Lipscomplement any skin-tone - try Benefit Full Finish Lipstick in Espionage or Sassy-Frass.

Looks like it's time for a little shopping trip...:)

A Free Gift!

Water! It is a simple ingredient for our health; a gift to our body that is free, yet so over looked.  Recently at a health event, I met a woman who was concerned about her fatigue and inability to lose weight. While drinking bottled water I had given her, she informed me that was her second glass of water for the year.  Yes, this year.  Only two glasses of water in the past 10 months, and she wondered why she was fatigued and could not lose weight.

Why is water so important?  Water transports nutrients and oxygen in cells, moisturizes the air in our lungs, helps with metabolism, protects our vital organs and regulates body temperature.  I know you are probably thinking that all sounds good and healthy, but what are the benefits that may hit home with you. 

  • Would you be surprised to learn that drinking water aids in weight loss by flushing down the by-products of fat and reducing hunger?  Let’s not forget it is calorie free and who wants to use their calories up in drinks? 
  • Water is a natural remedy for headaches and because your brain is mostly made of water, drinking water helps you think better and concentrate more. 
  • Have you ever thought that feeling tired and sluggish could be a result of dehydration?  Did you know that you lose almost 30 oz of water in a 24 hour period just by simply breathing? 
  • If your body lacks water, your heart, may need to work harder to pump out the oxygenated blood to all cells thus leaving you feeling exhausted.
  • And of course, if you exercise regularly, drinking water will regulate your body temperature and give you more energy when doing exercise by fueling your muscles. 
  • Finally, water helps to replenish skin tissues and moisturize the skin leaving us feeling healthier and younger.


Are you beginning to see that water is a simple ingredient for our health; a gift to our body that is free. I see so many struggling with headaches, tiredness, muscles cramps, weight gain or constipation and many times women will literally go days without any water and may be suffering from dehydration and not know it.

A frequent question is how much water should I drink? There is no clear-cut answer as to how much water to drink per day and depends on your health, climate, size and activity level. I first would ask the question do you have the following symptoms:

  • Dark Urine – a dark color or strong smell could be an indication you need more water
  • Dry Skin
  • Thirst – drink before you get thirsty
  • Hunger – most people make the mistake of thinking hunger is an indication to eat more, but it may be dehydration.
  • Fatigue – Water gives us a boost in energy


For a more accurate estimate, take your body weight and divide by two for the number ounces to drink per day.

Once we realize that water is a simple ingredient for our health and a gift to our body that is free, we can see the need to add in a few practices to get in our daily requirements.  Here are a few tips:

  • Buy a water bottle large enough to fill approximately 24 oz, fill it up first thing in the morning. Carry it with you and refill at lunch.
  • Drink a glass of water before, during, and after meals
  • Add lemon to give you a little flavor


I believe that Jesus knew the importance of water when he compared himself as living water. He stated in John 4:14,   “Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst.  Indeed, the water, I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up the eternal life.”

As women, we sometimes search for something to quench our spiritual thirst when the answer is right in front of us.  Jesus has the answer if we will only take a drink of what He has to offer. It is a simple ingredient for your health; a gift to your soul that is free, yet so over looked.

To learn more about having a personal health and fitness plan and be ft for life, call me for a free consultation as your Wellness Coach at 409-550-7606 or email me at

Created Woman/Creator

One of the best things about being a CREATED WOMAN is the opportunity to personally know the Creator. I sometimes wonder if women are aware that getting to know their Creator is possibly one of the most exquisite joys in life.

I have found that as I get to know my Creator and I am aware of His love, the more comfortable I am in my own skin… the more grounded, confident, and peaceful I am. With this awareness I tend to pick outfits that are more true to who I am; more of an expression of my soul and an extension of my own uniqueness.

So, if I end up being a bit over-dressed or under-dressed, it’s OK. I can wear Austin style in Dallas and not really care if I look different. It doesn’t matter what other people think because I am me. I am comfortable. I am unique. And that’s OK, because He made me.

Does it really matter if I have purple hair or teased hair? Fitted or flowing blouses? Flats or heels? Bright vivid colors or simple black and white? I don’t think so. Isn’t fashion the expression of a woman’s soul? Bliss is being comfortable in my own skin. Bliss is knowing my Creator.

As always, I find that song lyrics best express my soul. Third Day sums up this Creator-Created Woman topic very well… “Who is this King of Glory, who pursues me with His love?”