Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear ended last week and as an obsessive fashion addict, it is one of my favorite weeks. This is the week when design houses that I dream about show their ready-to-wear styles for the next season (because some of them are special enough to have haute couture lines.) I was a little surprised about how “wearable” many of the styles were from the runway. It’s easy to see them transitioning into the everyday wardrobe when spring comes. Some of my favorite shows were Balmain, Jean Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton and of course Chanel.

The looks at Balmain were all about power dressing. A sophisticated woman who can rise to the top while still dripping with sex appeal is the goal of Olivier Rousteing at Balmain. Many of the looks had black leather lattice work, dresses were tight but also longer, and pants were wide legged trousers paired either as a jumper or with an ultra chic top. With typical Balmain fashion, it was vintage in a way with references to past collections from designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy. I love how to collection is so sexy without it being revealing. 

00060h_304x456 00190h_304x456 00210h_304x456 00310h_304x456


It makes me so sad to say this but Jean Paul Gaultier went out with an extravagant affair for his last Ready to Wear show. He is moving on and focusing only on haute couture and that might be one of the most depressing but exciting things I’ve ever heard. His final show was a “Miss Jean Paul Gaultier 2015” competition with with categories like Miss Smoking, Miss Wives and Girlfriends of Soccer Players, Miss Tour de France and Miss Meteo (or Miss Weather in English). The looks were all over the place- sharp pinstripes and tailoring to models in Mexican wrestling masks. The show was everything I expected and more. Monsieur Gaultier bid Ready to Wear goodbye in the best way possible. 

aq_resizer JPG4 JPG6 

I might be a little biased here because I have been in love with Louis Vuitton for years. Not because of their super cute brown and black monogram bags, but because of the brilliance that goes into making every piece they come out with whether it be clothing or accessories. The collection that went down this runway can best be described as preppy meets vintage. Models donned cropped flairs with beautifully designed boots, knit dresses with fabulous detailing, and skirts of multi color leather stripes. The bags however could have stood alone, exquisitely designed and unlike the bags we all have been used to seeing from the house. Not only were the bags new, the LV logo was too. It is clean and contemporary and the perfect fit for the direction Louis Vuitton is headed in. Nicolas Ghesquiére’s first year with Louis Vuitton has been a dream come true.

00030h_304x456 00050h_304x456 LV2 LV3


Chanel not only had an amazing collection, a runway made to look like Boulevard Chanel with actual puddles and my favorite model (Gisele Bündchen), they also held a protest to end the show. Karl Lagerfeld is one of my idols and an absolute genius in the world of fashion. He wanted every look that he sent down that Boulevard to be something that every woman could wear daily. Models walked in groups rather than alone as if they were strolling down the street with friends. He kept with traditional Chanel using tweed, florals and adorable cocktail dresses which is exactly what fans of Chanel want. 

chanel1 chanel2chanel3chanel5


Now for the long wait until January for Haute Couture in Paris. 


Featured Image - TheGuardian.com

Editor's Note: The Secret's Revealed - What's Hot

With the toss of graduation caps all across America from Kindergarten students to seniors and beyond, Summer officially kicks off.  2011 marked one of the hottest summers ever in Austin with scorching weather reaching triple digits for an unprecedented stretch leaving the doubters to ponder if there really is something to this ‘thing’ called Global Warming.  With last year’s sunburn still embedded in our memory, we change out our pumps for sandals and flip flops armored for battle with our sunscreen, favorite poolside drink and fashionable hat that does double duty!  It’s the time of year after all the hard studying and work projects come to the an end, we leave behind spring fever that tormented some of us in the spring months, PTA meetings, cramming for finals and the ever changing weather forecast for a more familiar, or more predictable territory; SUMMER! No matter where you go, summer is summer; kids are laughing playing in the streets, families are vacationing, sundresses sashay across the streets and mall windows beam with color.  It’s a season where you can actually hear the snores of your neighbor as they spend a lazy day in the backyard catching some rays or enjoying the shade while listening to the summer anthem of all time ‘Summertime.”

This summer I hope is no different! May it be one that you remember fondly spending time with all the people you love making it a time to remember!  We hope as we spend the summer with you at Created Woman sharing “What’s Hot” in summer snacks, fashion, fitness and more, you take many moments to refresh, relax and renew enjoying the simple pleasures of summer!

Heather Frierson


Created Woman Secret Revealed, Watch!

Share your summer secrets & tell us ‘What’s Hot’



What to Wear to: Weddings!

Tis the season, no, not Christmas, but wedding season! Every weekend is full of going to showers, engagement parties, and weddings. With all of these parties going on, how are you supposed to remember and coordinate what outfits you want to wear? Not to mention picking out shoes! Not to worry, we’re here to help make these decisions a little easier with these tips!

Wear something that’s colorful. It’s spring and a happy occasion so wearing something bright in the pastel family is sure to please.

J.Crew Lucille Dress in Cotton-Silk Faille

If you’re feeling really fashion forward, try a really nice wide leg jumper. It gives the look of a long maxi dress but you’ll certainly be unique in original look.

 Trina Turk Marianela Jersey Jumpsuit

Stick to the protocol. Check the invitation, if it says formal; opt for a long dress or a conservative cocktail dress. You can’t go wrong putting your hair up and wearing pearls, it will class up whatever you’re wearing.

Be sure to check the weather! Bringing a cardigan can always help in drafty churches and if it’s an outdoor wedding you’ll know to wear something light and breathable.

Time Saver- Invest in a pair of nude heels that look great with everything. Not only will this save you time but money, no more having to invest in new shoes with each dress! The below shoes I swear by!

Marc Fisher Joey Peep Toe Pumps


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Summer Fun & Super Moms! Editors Note

April brings us April showers, fresh flowers, Easter and spring break.  But once the rain is over, the sun peaks out a little bit more, temperatures rise and swimming pools are prepped for little hands to splash and girls to cool off in after a day of sunning.  May, though, is the time of year the excitement begins to roar with summer fun, vacations, graduations, summer camps, weddings and sleepovers.  It’s a time of year that no matter what our age, we reminisce about the days we played in the street and find ourselves aching for a little bit more free time to ‘play’ with our friends, drink tea on the front porch or have a relaxing dinner on the patio of our favorite restaurant. May is able to bring a sort of quietness in the midst of the chaos that surrounds us with the ‘end of the year’ and gives us a moment to celebrate with our moms on Mothers Day, kids that are graduating and projects that are wrapping up the semester of college and work.  As we embark on the month of May at Created Woman, we want to celebrate the fun of May, which helps us kick off our summer filled with activities.  But before we pack our bags for our family trips or much a needed girls getaway, we want to share some secrets to help plan your 3 months of bliss and celebrate our moms who so joyfully taught us how to play in the streets without any inhibitions.

In honor of all of our mothers, instead of featuring one woman who defines the very definition of The Created Woman, we say “Cheers” and clap our hands to all the moms out there who are living out who they were created to be every single day and are raising amazing men and women to be all they were Created to Be, too.

 Happy Mothers Day and Here’s to the kick off of an amazing summer!


Girl Talk: 

Chat with us and tell us about a fun summer activity you enjoy and/or a mom or mother figure in your life that made a difference.


**May Contest Revealed on Fashion Friday 5/11!

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April Flowers Bloom in Fashion & at Home! My day with my Instagram App

April is in full bloom here in Texas and so have been the April showers (not this week though...come back, we need more water in the lake!).  So although our theme this month is #GoingGreen, for Fashion Friday I thought it would be fun to see just how much of the Fashion Fantasy Spring Trend has bloomed (ha!).  To my surprise, as I went throughout my day, the trend sprung up all around me!  So, with my nifty Instagram Ap my friend and co-CW writer, Nichole, introduced me to, I snapped away!

This was my day running through the flowers!

The day began taking a picture of my favorite floral decor arrangement that sits on my fireplace is  in my house.


Being Easter Weekend, I've been preparing for our Easter production with late night rehearsals, so I started my day off shopping before going into work.

My mission:  Mother's day dress to match my little Hadley's white dress with green bow.

Mission Accomplished!  My 1st mother's day dress I ordered online because the store didn't have my size....Can't wait to show you a pic of me & Hadley on Mother's day with our coordinating dresses :)

Disclaimer...Not Instagram :)

Next, off to shop for Patio Furniture for our backyard but what I found was a whole lot more!

My MUST HAVE chair from Pier 1...feel free to surprise me with this gift!  I love it but have no idea where I'd put it in my house!

Great pillow (BTW - Loving my Instagram features!)


Then it was off to work to really start my day!  My newly decorated office from the wonderful Myles Wren was right on trend with the Spring Floral Fantasy.  Thanks Myles!


Gotta have a decorative coffee cup for your guests!


While at work, so many girls flaunted the spring trend in lots of different ways.

Ashley was one of my favorites!  Cool, casual and ready for the summer!


Having fun with the girls!  One of my favorite floral shirts from Targe' a.k.a., Target.

Cheryl used the floral trend as an accessory.

Amy sported a brown floral summer dress that looked great!


PAUSE:  Although this was not part of my day, I had to share this picture I took a few days ago of my friend Alex's daughter.  Isn't she cute!  She's sporting floral leggings.  A future fashionista in the making!


For lunch, I took off to Chipolte (like usual) and flew into Khols to get a glimpse of LC's line and this bracelet  was too cute not to show.

Get the look now for just $24 to start your Floral Fantasy Collection

Then, finally rehearsals came and the cast & crew began to show up to rehearse.  And there she was, my friend who made my fun instagram day possible, Nichole.  She, too, was wearing the floral trend and it was a great way to end my day of running through the flowers!

Take a look around your day and see how much of the Floral Fantasy trend has snuck into your world and send us a pic!  We'd love to see where you find the trend in your day!

Happy Good Friday, Fashion Friday



Spring Hair

With the freshness of spring comes a chance to renew your look. For some, that will mean a brand new color or style. For others, it may mean a new trick up your sleeve to spruce up your signature look. Either way, here are a few little spring ideas to have fun with your hair this season. Bangs

Whether you love them when you get them or hate them while they grow, they can be fun and flirty.


Beach waves or the more classic finger waves. Take your pick.


Just taking your color a shade lighter and adding a finishing shine coat will liven things up.

Braids and Twists

Both messy lace braids and simple twists are quick ways to change your look without having to alter your current style.

It's really all about having fun and what makes you feel beautiful.


www.Cobysalon.com is giving away an in-salon conditioning treatment and style service.

To enter: Tweet us using @cobysalson @createdwoman your favorite spring tip


What Not To Wear

Spring is here, or if you’re a Texan you can say spring never left.  If you’re like me you’re packing up your sweaters and suede boots and pulling out the spaghetti straps and open toe sandals.  But sometimes enjoying fashion can be tricky during work hours. Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.  Proverbs 11:22 (New International Version) 

In the Old Testament, pigs were unclean & untouchable animals, so the idea of putting something as extremely valuable and beautiful as a gold ring in a pig’s snout would be an incredible waste.  To show no discretion means to be without taste, tact & grace.  It seems a bit extreme, comparing an indiscreet woman to a pig, but it sure does put God’s perspective on the subject into place.

God has set some rather high standards for women.  We are to be noble of character, hard working, giving, crafty, wise and modest.  It’s a tall order, but in true God fashion the order has its purpose.  He’s put these expectations in place to keep us out of compromising situations.  If you think that dressing provocatively is not YOUR problem, think again.

The decisions you make each morning standing in your closet can have more of an impact than you know on someone’s marriage, friendship, employment status or their walk with God.

Whether you work in an office or as a cashier in a grocery store these  “What Not To Wear” basics still apply.

  • Keep your cleavage out of the workplace.  The only girls people should be seeing are the ones you birthed.
  • Perma-wedgies are not sexy.  Skinny jeans are great, but if stopping at the drug store on the way home for yeast infection medication is probable, then you probably shouldn’t wear them to begin with.
  • Your husband is the only one who needs to see your v-jay-jay.  So while super short skirts & shorts may have their place in fashion, knee length is more appropriate.
  • If you have to get a bikini wax to wear low rise anything – they are too low!  There is no need to show off your thong or booty crack.

Allow me to remind you that charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting.  God may have blessed you with curves and beauty but he created you to be so much more.  When you’re getting dressed in the morning, whom are you thinking about?  Your clothes do not define who you are, your character does; and dressing inappropriately is a direct reflection of your character.

Stoplight Prayer:  Father in heaven, thank you creating me and giving me this body to serve you.  Help my sisters and I to make wise decisions before we step out the door each morning so that we are not stumbling blocks in each other’s lives.

Still Hungry?  Proverbs 31 defines a woman of noble character and 1 Peter 3:3-4 reminds us that beauty is more than what is on the outside.

Get Your Spring On - Simple ways to give your wardrobe a lift

I so heart spring fashion! All the colors, light-weight fabrics, cute sandals, accessories and so much more! I usually start getting my spring wardrobe into shape right around this time. But with all the new trends, exciting styles, and colors for spring, it can be somewhat overwhelming and a bit expensive. The good news is – it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Here are some practical ways that will help give your wardrobe a lift without spending a fortune.

 Separate Your Seasons – This will help you get all the fall styles out of your closet so you can focus on spring styles. Just get a large storage bin to store your big chucky sweaters or if you have a big enough closet then just move it all to the very back.

Some more good news - here are a few fall styles you can still rock in the spring:

Skinny Color Cords – Spring can still be a bit cooler at times, so keep this suckers around!














The Boy Friend Blazer – This classic piece is a great option when you feel like your top needs a little boost.












Bow-tie Blouse – It looks great with skinny jeans or cords and a pair of sandals.














Do The Inventory – Now that your fall wardrobe is out of sight, do an inventory of what you have and don’t have so that when it’s time to go shopping you can avoid over-spending and buying another white shirt when you already have three. It’s like grocery shopping but for clothes. You can take a mental note, make a list, or even take pictures to carry with you when it's time to go shopping.

Look For It – Before going out to shop for new items, get your grocery list out and look online to see what’s out there. This will save you so much time because it'll help you narrow down which stores to go to for exactly what you need.


Sound like too much work? Well you're in luck! This month’s giveaway on Created Woman includes a wardrobe lift for someone in the Austin area from Wardrobe Forte. Just tweet or email Created Woman a picture of your closet and why you need help.

Email – created@createdwoman.net

Twitter - @createdwoman






Top 20 Spring Fashion Trends 2012

New York Fashion Week is the mother of all weeks in the fashion world; at least to this fashion lover.  It's the highlight for every fashionista as we sit on the edge of our seat waiting to see what walks down the runway and who made the cut.  Last month, the world descended on NYC to look at what's to come for fall 2012. But with the sun coming out for spring, it's so hard to think of fall when the new spring looks are in every store window right now!   With so many great spring fashions, we've narrowed down our favorite top 20  to help you out.   We love it all! Let's Spring into Fashion!



#1 The Roaring Twenties

The Great Gatsby Movie inspired the look this year.


 Tory Burch Collection


#2 The Mad Men of the 60's

 Banana Republic's Pink Betty Dress

#3 The Peplum


 Oscars' 2012 Peplum Dresses

#4 The Pajama Pants



#5 Casual Chic with Color

The Gap

#6 Floral Fantasy




#7 Colored Jeans


#8 Pleats


#9 Bold Stripes



#10 Color Blocking


#11 Polka Dots



This season, colors range from vivid brights to saturated pastels.

#12 Tangerine

 #13 Metallics


 #14 Saturated Sorbets

Ralph Lauren Collections

#15 Bold Colors



#16 #17 Sunglasses & Leopard


#18 Bangle Bunches

#19 Color Blocking Shoe

#20 Doctors Bag

Spring has definitely arrived and it's time to re-do our closets with all of the amazing spring fashions.


This month's giveaway will help you transform your closet, so stay tuned for the big reveal on Fashion Friday 3/9.  It's just 1 of 2 fashion giveaways this month!  The 2nd will be revealed on 3/23.

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What's your favorite look this season?

Single Motherhood - Seasons of Blossom

  Single motherhood is like the four seasons that come and go every year…spring, summer, fall, winter. Sometimes it can be sunshine all day long and other times it can be just miserably hot, or cold. Regardless of what each season brings, know that God is simply just watering your seed so that you can blossom into the person he created you to be.

 Seasons produce Perseverance

When you have perseverance, there is nothing that can stand in your way.  Perseverance is a crucial part in your growth track with Christ. It is what makes you stand strong in what you believe in. When God sees that you are able to overcome challenges, he delights and rewards you for being strong and faithful. I know you are more than able to do this!

 James 1:12Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. 

 Seasons produce Purpose

Seasons will come and go, but the purpose that God has given you remains the same. Each season will help give you a clearer picture of what that is.Just remember, God always works everything out for his good and his only desire is to see you and your children prosper in all that you do. 

 Jeremiah 29:11For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

 Seasons produce Relationships

God is very clear on what friendships mean to him. It is a necessity to have encouraging friends around you when facing challenges. It’s not always easy to get out of your comfort zone to meet new people, but it certainly makes a world of difference when you can connect and relate to other single mothers that know exactly what you are going through. Try it this Mother’s Day! Shoreline is having a Single Mother’s Luncheon on May 8th just for you and I know you will meet some awesome ladies there. 

Ecclesiastes 4:10For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!

My challenge for you ladies is that you would put all your trust in the one who created you, because there is no greater love then his! May you enjoy YOUR season this Mother’s Day and may God bless you and your children above and beyond any of your expectations!