What's Hot Poolside: Summer Swim 2012

Summer time can come with an excitement and dread at the same time; after all, it does mean it's swimsuit season!  But don't you worry, long are the days when the only option is the itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka dot bikini!  Swim itself has become a fashion statement and there's a style for every girl!  Plus, don't forget about the fun accessories that come with the season, too.  I don't leave the house without my favorite aviators and am constantly adorned with my comfortable flip flops.  Summer time screams pedicure with a girlfriend! So as you pack your bag to head to the the water this summer, here's What's Hot poolside.

High Waisted

Thanks so the staying power of Mad Men on HBO, the pin-up girl-like bathing suit has made it's return.  The great thing about high waisted is that it hides a multitudes of sins while still making you feel and look young.


The Cutout

Not a bikini yet not a one piece, cut out suits hit the runway in almost every show.  The fun styles are functional and fashionable.



No matter what style you choose, this sun-kiss color screams summer and is the hottest color you'll see poolside.


2 Poolside Fashion Tips from Helen, Watch!


Cat Eye

This year's newest trend in eye wear is the cat eye. Fun, fashionable and sassy!  Try in a cool leopard print or solid, but try you must!


Ray Ban

No, it's not 1984 but the Risky Business Ray Ban is back - actually, they never left - but they are hotter than ever!  Great new colors flank every sunglass hut!



My personal favorite of all summer!  Like my American Express, I never leave home without them!


That's What's Hot Poolise in Summer 2012 Poolside.  What do yo never leave home without?

Book Review: Guide to the Names of God

In the heat of  the summer, a great read is  always "hot!" Guide to the Names of God is the newest publication of Dr. Dianne Haneke. It is a reference book with over three hundred of the names of God in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek. Each entry includes the meaning of the name, the first place the name is found in the scriptures as well as to whom God first revealed Himself with that particular attribute. The book is unique  in its organization. Dr. Haneke's research covers both Old and New Testament and the the results  are  divided  into the following sections:

  • Hebrew names of God
  • Over-arching attributes of God
  • Provisional Names & Titles of God
  • Redemptive Names & Titles of God
  • Other Titles of God the Father
  • Other Titles of God the Son
  • Other Titles of God the Holy Spirit

This organization gives the reader the opportunity to develop an in-depth knowledge of  one facet of God's personality at a time. As the reader becomes familiar with the story included in the entry, God's attributes move from the abstract to the concrete. Dr. Haneke also provides an Application section where the reader can personalize this attribute for his/her life.

The author provides additional scriptures for the reader to continue to study other locations and instances where that particular attribute was evident as well as lexical studies for further research.

Again, I must speak of the book's organization. Each section begins with its own Table of Contents, making it simple for the reader to locate exactly what he/she is looking for. For example, as I perused the section, Names of God the Holy Spirit, I was able to choose to learn about the Spirit of Grace, Spirit of Judgement or the Spirit of Knowledge, three of eighteen names of the Holy Spirit.

Although this book is categorized as a reference book, it doubles as a devotional, a book that is comforting to the soul. It can just as easily find its home in a library for scholarly studies as well as on  a nightstand as the last reminder of who God is at the end of day. Guide to the Names of God is an appropriate book for a large demographic; young and old, longtime student of the Bible or someone just wondering about who God is.

To order your own copy, go to:

MTV Movie Awards Fashion

  Fresh, fun, care-free fashion the MTV Movie Awards fashion had some amazing looks we can all learn a few tricks from! Check out the top 5 trends to steal for your summer wardrobe!

5. Jumpsuits

4. Animal Print

3. Easy, breezy hair

2. Shorter Hemlines

1. Sassy shoes

The Winter Has Past; Spring is Here

Please view Song of Solomon video (40 seconds) before reading. The most typical interpretation of The Song of Solomon is that it portrays the love relationship between Christ and his bride, The Church. 

In the first few verses of Chapter 2, Christ is pictured coming to His bride to spend some time with her.  The way in which He is approaching her clearly shows that He is full of joy and excitement as He looks forward to spending some intimate time with His bride.  He comes leaping over the mountains and bounding upon the hills;  He comes swiftly like a young deer  (vs.8-9)

When Christ arrives, he looks into the window of His bride’s heart, and says:

Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away and come with me. For the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up and the time of the singing of birds has come.  Yes, spring is here. The leaves are coming out and the grape vines are in blossom.  How delicious they smell!  Arise, my love, my fair one, and come way.

Spring:  A time of nature’s rebirth, and my favorite time of the year.  I can tell you that there have been times over the years as I read those verses that I have literally visualized myself leaping into the arms of my Lord.  I then visualize Him carrying me up to a grassy hillside and we sit and view the flowers blooming, the green leaves on the trees, and listen to the birds sing.  A more magnificent spring day could not be experienced than the times I have felt as though the two of us were so intimately engrossed with one another. 

But one day as I was reading, I was struck by the fact that before Christ described the springtime to his bride, the first words out of his mouth were about winter.  I was curious.  What did Christ mean about winter as he looked into the window of His bride’s heart.  Quoting from Matthew Henry’s commentary, he states:

As the earth is to winter, so can our hearts become cold, dark, and barren.

That was a definitely a defining moment for me, one that I had not expected.  Having lived in the great state of Maine, I know what it means to live in the depth of winterMany mornings we woke up to snow above the doorframe. There were months of  freezing, cold, dark, rainy, barren days.  The flowers were dead and buried, there were no leaves on the trees, and no fruit was being produced. We certainly couldn’t hear birds singing; they had all flown South for the winter. The winters were so cold that Spring seemed like something we had only read about.

Could my spirit actually become that cold?  As I searched my heart, I suddenly realized that it had been a long time since I had had a vision of sitting on that hillside with my Lord having an intimate moment with Him.  I had allowed so many things to creep into my heart that had, indeed, caused it to become as cold as those winters in Maine. 

And so, I bowed my head and asked His forgiveness for all those things that I had allowed to creep into my heart, and rose up and disentangled myself from them. It was then that I heard my bridegroom say ever so eloquently:   

“Come away with me. The winter has passed. Spring is here.”

Instantly, I knew that I would once again:

  • Bloom like a beautiful array of flowers with the light of my Lord shining through me
  • I could sing like the birds of the  mercies and grace of my Lord
  • I would now produce fruit as the grapevines with the gifts that He had placed within me.

And I leaped into His arms, and off we went to that grassy hilltop engrossed in an intimate relationship with one another.  How I love Spring Time with my Lord!

Fashion at the 2010 Met Costume Gala

We’ve started seeing the color a few months ago but we can’t seem to agree on a name – it’s nude, blush, oyster, – whatever you want to call it, it’s one of the new color trends for the season and I love it!  For a girl who loves the summer but hates the bright pinks and blues that fill the stores from season to season, I’m leaping with joy as I see countless stars walk the red carpet in these hot new tones!  Yes, a splash of color can and should be added but, nonetheless, I don’t have to wear fuchsia from head to toe this summer! This year’ Costume Gala on May 3rd proved no different; the nudes are here to stay for at least this season and as long as you have cool summer tan you can pull it off – so be careful.  At an event where we get to see anything from Madonna wearing Louis Vuitton bunny ears to this year’s Katy Perry’s ‘light up my life’ dress, we saw the good, the bad and the what was she thinking!?  The host of this year’s Gala was none other than Vogue’s Anna Wintour who was also wearing the trend in a shimmery Chanel piece proving that even the lady who chooses the fashion trends each year has put her stamp of approval on the nude trend.  The flawless editor-in-chief shimmered with elegance as she co-hosted this year’s event with none other than Oprah Winfrey.   And yes, even SPJ sported a cool blush tone looking flawless taunting us that Sex and the City is but weeks away!  Yes, it’s true that there are more color trends this season that will make other’s leap for joy, but this one is my cup of tea!

Wedding on a Budget: Flowers

I know what your thinking, “What crazy person would want to get married in the summer AND in Texas” Well….I do . This was the only time that worked out for my fiancee and I, even though I always wanted a fall wedding. But you know I am really having fun planning a summer wedding because there are so many great ideas for a June/summer wedding! Not to mention it’s actually less expensive then a fall wedding, especailly with flowers! Yay! That was good news for me because I once read that flowers take 8%-15% of your nupital budget. Yikes! So here is how it works: Flowers tend to be less expensive in the summer because it’s blooming time for many different types of flowers, therefore florists are able to obtain them locally rather then paying high shipping fees. And even better there are wholesale places like you can some beautiful, fresh, flowers at lower prices then Costo. I am thinking of using them, because I friend told me her experience was great and she couldn’t believe how many she got for the price she paid. Also, look into gerber daisies. They are gorgeous, come in so many different colors, and are resonable in price.