Keep on...

With the wedding right around the corner I can admit that I've been putting other things off to ensure all the details of the wedding are complete. Since me and Kristian are working on a budget there are lots of hands going into this wedding. Not only are our parents helping, but our aunts, cousins, friends, pretty much anyone who offers help, we say yes to. Recently I had a newly engaged friend ask me how I limited the number of people my parents invited. My response was simple, I didn't have to because I didn't feel obligated to. This is mostly because we are paying for the bulk of the expenses but also because Kristian and I agreed that we knew the family friends that needed to be invited. Our parents were incredibly understanding in this aspect. After my friend mentioned it though, I realized how easy this wedding has been. Sure we're on a budget and have to be mindful of that and of course there have been stressful moments. For example right now, while I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress, textbooks buried under the computer, staring my messy living room in the eye and completely ignoring it. My brain is tired and doesn't feel like thinking about one more thing... even school. The enormity of the wedding task has been a little exhausting, but all in all, painless. Watching wedding shows I realize more and more how fortunate I've been to have supportive friends and inquizative family members. People are interested in how the wedding planning is coming, what we need, how they can help, and it's amazing. Since the last blog I've finalized the rehearsal dinner menu, gotten my dress altered, put guest bags together, started on making wedding programs, and have created a tentative schedule for the bridal party. Not to mention exams, homework, work, etc.. WHEW! But all this to say, whatever you're in the middle of, keep on keeping on. Even after the wedding, life will be busy and my brain will get overloaded and I'll have days where the dishes won't get done and homework will be pushed aside. But the craziness of this wedding has brought me closer to my family, my future in-laws, and has even helped me to develop new friendships. After the wedding madness I can look forward to all of the people who have stuck around and I can give myself a little pat on the back for keepin' on.

Another Benefit of Healthy Living

There are so many benefits to exercise and eating healthy. We can get caught up sometimes on only focusing on one benefit. But what happens if we do not achieve that benefit, such as our desired weight loss, as quickly as we want. We quite!Managing our stress and anxiety, which leads to a life of balance and wellbeing, is one of the great benefits to exercising and eating healthy. There are so many days when I don’t feel like exercising or could care less what I eat, but then I quickly remember the euphoria that exercise provides and the energy nutritious foods gives me to get through my daily task. Research has shown that even 5-10 minutes of exercise each day consistently for 12 weeks can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. Taking a few minutes in the middle of the day to take a walk around the block, walk a flight of stairs a couple of times, or conduct a few Yoga moves or light stretching can give a whole new perspective for the rest of the day. Eating High fat foods regularly can leave us feeling lethargic and greatly affect our moods. Filling our diet with fruits and vegetables, healthy carbohydrates and foods that are rich in fiber can give us energy and a feeling of satisfaction. To start the day off right, make sure to get a jump-start on your fiber for breakfast with high fiber breads or cereals and a great piece of fruit. Realizing there is more than one benefit to a healthy lifestyle can help keep us consistent in the choices that week. For more information on having a personal Wellness Coach or to receive a free consultation, contact me at 409-550-7606 or email at Crystal@CrystalClearChange.com.