Hot Trends for Fit Fashion

  If you (like me) are one of those girls who may have a cute wardrobe for dressing up and going out with the girls or business attire but when it comes to working out and "errands day" you throw on an old t-shirt from your high school days and a pair of your guys basketball shorts...you need to read this!

Fashion doesn't have to stop when your hair is in a ponytail and your sweating your face off. In fact, after seeing how many cute options there are you may want to hit the gym/trail more often just to get a chance to try out your new duds!

New Hot Trends for Fit Fashion include:

  • Running skirts. Found HERE, this running skirt is a great way to stay chic on and off the trail!

  • Slipless anti-sweat headbands. I love THIS anti-sweat headband by Lululemon.

  • Dry-wick racerback tanks. I could not get by without my dry-wick tanks during these hot summer months! HERE is a great one by Nike found at Dick's Sporting Goods. These are great for yoga, running, or going to the gym!

  • Compression Socks. I've been seeing THESE everywhere from races to the trail I run at Town Lake. They are cute AND cut back on recovery time after a long run!


MTV Movie Awards Fashion

  Fresh, fun, care-free fashion the MTV Movie Awards fashion had some amazing looks we can all learn a few tricks from! Check out the top 5 trends to steal for your summer wardrobe!

5. Jumpsuits

4. Animal Print

3. Easy, breezy hair

2. Shorter Hemlines

1. Sassy shoes

The Plus Side of Fashion

Are you one of those who has a penchant for fashion and just can't wait for the reveal of each seasons new craze?  With a simple click of the mouse and a little patience one can scout the latest trends in color, as well as the perfect style to suit their frame. Are you looking to build a seasonal wardrobe with sensational style only to find clothing store and boutique sizes range from 2-8 or 10?  There are some of us who, very simply, are not a size 'small'. All is not lost, because most of our favorite designers have finally come to terms with this notion and now make clothes for those of us with a little extra curve appeal.

Take a look at these beautiful summer-time pieces:

This Rachel Pally tribal print updates an effortlessly chic maxi dress.  It is strategically shaped with an elasticized Empire waist in a soft stretch knit with an unfinished hem.










A solid black border outlines this Kenneth Cole sleeveless dress, which is brilliantly cut with a swingy shape and slightly curved handkerchief hem.










Shimmering sequins illuminate the front of this Michael Kors stretchy, cap-sleeved top with a pretty scooped neckline.










A neutral, utilitarian-inspired Kenneth Cole shirtdress is styled with button tabs to roll up the sleeves and finished with a curved shirttail hem.










The Created Woman knows that top designers understand the Plus Side of Fashion.  She knows where to shop for the best prices and understands how to maximize her assets.

Creating a vision board

Fall is a great time to explore, learn about, and shape your unique style and a vision board is a great tool to use. To create one simply round up a cork board and fill it with magazine pictures that speak to you. Target has great looking boards that are inexpensive, but really, any old board will do because you’re going to cover it with pictures. As you add pictures don’t think so much about how it all fits together, simply add what you like, and soon you’ll begin to see a pattern emerge. Your board will become as unique as you are, and you can use it to help bring focus to your wardrobe. Are you classy? Add a pantsuit from Chanel. Sassy? Perhaps a pair of Charles David stilettos should be your next purchase. Comfortable? There’s nothing quite so versatile as a great fitting pair of jeans. As I put my own board together the eclectic/romantic/elegant style that I’m drawn to became quickly apparent, and it’s a style I keep going back to. Your board will help you become self-aware and focused about your sense of style. Try it!

Changing Our Wardrobe

Are you into wearing labels on your clothing? Would you buy a designer’s label even though the style doesn’t look good on you? Do you buy labels that your budget can’t afford? I know that I have, and for good reason, or so I thought at the time. I wanted to fit in with the crowd. Unfortunately, I’ve also worn labels within me that wasn’t the right label to wear also. In reality, the label I was wearing within was what I based my self-worth on.

Perhaps you can relate to what I am saying. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I wearing a Performance label that says I must meet certain standards in order to feel good about myself?
  • Am I wearing an Approval label that says I must be approved by certain others in order to feel good about myself?
  • Am I wearing a Blame label that says because of something in my past I am unworthy of love and deserve to be punished?
  • Am I wearing a Shame Label that says I am what I am; I cannot change; I am hopeless. Perhaps we should change our wardrobe within, dispense with the labels, and label ourselves the way God sees us which is: fully pleasing, totally accepted, deeply loved, and absolutely complete in Him. Only then can we become the woman God created us to be.