20-Something Diaries: Girls Will Be Girls

High school for me was probably the same as it was for most teenage girls, a roller coaster of emotions, comparisons, and unexplainable highs and lows (thanks hormones!). There were cliques, of course, and they were comprised of the typical high school groups:  the smart girls, the athletic girls, the popular girls, and so on. The ‘popular’ girls were all blonde, with the exception of one, whose brunette locks didn’t matter because she was just gorgeous. And while we were all attending the same private, all girls’ school, and we all paid the same amount of tuition, there were always those girls who turned their nose up, as if they were so much better than the rest of us. This is what I like to call “Girls will be Girls Syndrome;” that better than, gossip riddled, insecure driven persona that girls so effortlessly fall into. The cliques in high school seemed to fill naturally. We all knew where our niche was and even if we felt it wasn’t where we wanted to be, we were all too insecure to say anything about it.


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