What's Your Reputation? Dance to a different beat in 2012 & find a new one!

As a little girl, I would sit and listen to records as I played with my Barbie dolls and toys in my playroom.  I would dance and sing along until I played the record so much it would begin to skip repeating the same word over and over again, again, again, again, again, again…annoying!  Finally, the record played its last note and never found its way to the turntable again.  Over the Christmas Holidays, I watched a movie called '12 Dates of Christmas’ and just like a broken record, the characters kept repeating the same date over and over again, again, again, again, again….12 times until they finally got the date right.  Not only did they get to repeat the date until they got it right, all the mistakes that were made before were forgotten. If only we could be so lucky!  Each time, Kate’s character learned something new and in one conversation with her wise next door neighbor the neighbor said somethingI found profound, “Reputation is history in rumor form.”   What a great perspective!  A rumor is fleeting if not proven true.  Our reputation, choices we are not proud of, can be forgotten like a bad rumor if we prove them untrue by simply making new choices. What do you want to disprove about yourself in 2012?  New Years always mark a season of new beginnings and just like a rumor, 2011 is in the past and great new beginnings are on the horizon if we choose to take them.  Dating guys who don’t value who you really are, continuing the relationship that should have ended in 2010 or 2009 but got too comfortable, having too many red tape around us where others couldn’t even get close enough to ask us for a date, making choices with men you aren’t proud of or marrying someone in our head on the first date only to find our heart broken again, again, again, again, again……

Let 2011’s reputation be history in rumor form and start fresh in 2012 learning from all those mistakes you kept repeating and put on a brand new record.  One that you can dance and sing to; makes you smile and puts a fresh beat under your feet.  Single ladies, 2012 is your year to get up and dance to a new song if you are tired of the old!  In this year, throw out those old records and dance to a new beat creating a reputation for yourself that even you never get tired of hearing about.  Do it now in 2012, now, while you are single!



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