Fancy Lady sits down with Created Woman: What's it really all about?

I got to sit down with Heather from Created Woman and pick her brain for a mini Q & A. Enjoy:
A: Why did you start Created Woman? 
H: Created Woman started out of a passion I have to empower women to be who they are created to be. 
A: When did you start? 
H: We started the blog in 2010 and then the magazine in 2012.
A: How do you feel like other women in your life have empowered you to be who you are created to be? 
H: They have empowered me in so many ways. Women in my life have helped me by listening; bouncing ideas back and forth; actually doing things to help make the blog/magazine successful (Writing, styling, running errands..etc). And above all they have been "Dream Maker Friends." "Dream Maker Friends" are those friends that help you take dream steps. They hold you accountable and never let you give up. 
A: What has been your favorite Created Woman Blog/Magazine Moment so far?
H: My favorite moment has to be all the feedback I have received from woman saying how much they need a magazine like Created Woman in their lives. 
A: Why should women subscribe to Created Woman?
H: Created Woman is a fashion magazine with relevant articles that are appropriate and empowering for all generations of women; it is the only magazine that focuses not only on the outside but on the inside. We are Fashioning women from the inside out! 
I have worked with Created Woman for over a year now as one of the stylist and have loved it every step of the way. The CW vision of empowering women to become who they are created to be is right in line with my whole life message.
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I hope you had a fabulous Easter celebrating with your family/friends. Mine was truly blessed!
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