A Woman's World

Tonight I was talking to a friend of mine about my new iPhone. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am an unashamed, label me if you will, Apple loving, iPhone5 owning ____ (you fill in the blank). I would like for that blank to be something to be kind, or simple, like lady or lucky gal, but I know some people just don't love Apple so label me what you will. However, all of this product name dropping is irrelevant so I digress; the point is we were talking about my iPhone. My friend gushed about how she loved it and wanted one herself. I agreed and chimed in about the features I enjoy and how I just had to have it. At one point in the conversation, she unapologetically dissed Pandora (oh no she didn't!) because as she so eloquently relayed "Why have a station choose for you when you have iTunes and can play exactly what you want?" Ok, I get the Pandora dissing now. She followed this mini rant by saying "I'm sorry but I want what I want." And that folks packed a punch.

She continued to talk but all I could hear were words bouncing between my ears, stuck in my head, echoing back, "I want what I want."

As a business woman, a married woman, and as my mother professed over me many years ago, a strong willed child, I know what I want and I want what I want; but when is that too much? I recently got my iPhone after guilting my husband (who had the flu at the time) into going to Best Buy with me. My voice takes this turn out of nowhere when I have something in mind that I want. It becomes softer, kinder, more persuasive. I ask gently and act understanding when the answer is not one I want to hear, all the while devising another plan of how to get what I want.

Over the weekend I spent time with a friend and fellow designer. I want so badly to sell her products in my boutique and would not relent with the talks of what we could do if we just joined forces! Women working together! Imagine it! As she left with her husband  I shouted down the hall "Think about the inventory you can send over!" Not goodbye, I'll miss you, be safe. Of all the phrases to choose, I chose to pitch my last plea at her. I want what I want but when is it too much?

It's hard for me to discern when wanting what you want should end. Where does the line cross over from ambitious to obnoxious? Self- driven to self-absorbed? As a woman I feel it is my obligation to work harder, longer, more tirelessly, but when will sacrifice become neglect?

So I pose this question to you-- when is it too much? I want what I want but when should I give up?