Advice on Being a Value Employee From an iYuppie: Imperfect Young Urban Professional

Let's face it. Common sense, integrity, and a strong work ethic do not come naturally to everyone. Is it possible to teach someone these skills or are you just who you are? I like to think and my faith in Christ teaches me that these types of skills can be taught. We can learn how to overcome the negative parts of ourselves through Christ and his power and become successful, productive people despite our own shortcomings.

I have noticed with the younger generation and also with my own generation that people do not know how to have customer service, they do not know how to work hard, but want to reap all the benefits of people who do work hard.


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A Louisiana born girl, turned Texas Lady! Loving Life, having a good time, & learning how to be fancy on a budget. I am not perfect. I don’t have it all together. If you are a freak about grammer, you probably won’t like this blog (So, i apologize now). I have been married to my husband for almost two years and we have 2 chihuahua’s that we adopted, Beauxregard and Liam. I have great friends that i am so blessed to know, and husband and i love singing and worshipping our Savior, Jesus, together at church whenever we get the chance, but we always make time to gather around our piano at home and sing together. XOXO