Another Reason To Love October: The New Fabulous Fall Staple

The first of October has a lot of warm feelings for me.  It's my favorite time of year with the crisp air finally making an appearance, my fall boots come to the front of the closet, trips to Starbucks become more often and at the end of the month I'll celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary.  And yes, I've already  pulled out all the of our fall decorations and new pumpkin spice candles have burned brightly for 2 days already.  I love October! The fall colors - brown, camel, winter white - the staples in my wardrobe every fall warm my heart and I can't get enough of them.  Over the past few years, however, another color has been taking the lead as one of my favorite fall staples.  Not so much for the fashion statement, but for what it has come to represent and the message it brings.  Pink.  My new fall staple.

Today, the first of October, across the nation many will run, walk, talk, plan events, give, and shop throughout the month in the name of Pink helping the fight against breast cancer.  So many events, yet somehow not enough.

Life, I know, can get busy and our  facebook  can get so bombarded with invites to social events that if we accepted them all, we'd never be at home.  But for the month of October, dare I say, it's okay to maybe say 'yes' to a few extra invites; the invites that make a difference and bring about change in our fight against cancer.

Maybe saying 'yes' to a few extra events this month will one day mean our children will not have to decide whether or not they should run, walk, talk, plan events, give or shop because the fight has been won and our generation is the one that helped bring about that change.  The cure.

Saying 'yes' could actually mean saying 'yes' to life for a woman just like you.  It could mean saying 'yes' to your life.  So, take out your calendar and take a look at where you can fit in another 'yes' this month.  I promise, you'll never regret saying 'yes' to Pink.

Don't just wear the color Pink this October, be the the color Pink!

Austin Friends

Join us for the 4th Annual "Be Brave and Fight Like a Girl" Party! 

Thursday, October 3rd from 6:00pm to 10:00pm Shoal Crossing Event Center

Party with some of the bravest women you'll ever meet!

Live Music, Free Parking, Food, Cash Bar, Auctions, Guest Speakers who have Kicked Cancer's Butt, and so much more!

Last year was just a blast...all the men so handsome and the ladies decked out and beautiful! We do expect another wonderful time with our friends!

Proceeds benefit healincomfort4achange 501(c)3 and help our Austin Area Breast Cancer Warriors heal in in comfort and dignity by providing them with a patented, specialized post-operative recovery healincomfort shirts.

It's about Austin taking care of Austin.

It's time to party to provide!

It’s time to Heal in Comfort!

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