Becoming myself: Where do I begin?

This week I’ve picked the book back up, Becoming Myself, by Stasi Eldridge. It’s a beautiful book that reminds me of how God sees me, as His beloved and that no matter where I am on my journey of becoming, He loves me. 

This morning, one statement stood out to me: ‘You cannot become yourself if you do not know who you are to become.’ 

Wow, lets just take that in for a moment…… 

Years ago when I pinned the vision statement equip and empower women to become the woman they are created to be, inside and out, I didn’t really think much about women who had no clue about who they were. The thought never crossed my mind. Instead, I thought more about the women who were determined, go-getters looking to pursue a dream that God had placed in their heart and it was our job to help unlock and release them to go do it! 

Yes, of course that’s all great and we still pursue those women and have a place for them. They are, after all, the leaders in our community, church, families & businesses. But in the more recent years, there’s been a new woman that’s immerged. One that has caught our attention, pricked our hearts and helped us get laser focus.

The woman who has yet to discover who she is to become.

I heard it once said that the saddest thing in life is not knowing your purpose; God’s purpose. In essence, who you are created to be. Without that, what is the meaning of life?

And so, with that woman in mind, the CW Family came together to find a way we could help women of every age, race, culture and background to discover one thing: Who are you to become?

With our 6 core values in hand, the CW curriculum is on its way to giving birth. With the curriculum, women around the world will be able to:

  • Explore our six core principles: Dreams ~ Healing ~ Identity ~ Health ~Purpose ~ Inside Out
  • Discover and embrace their true identity in Christ through a journey of healing, ultimately revealing God's purpose and plan for their life.
  • Inner work always produces outer results. Curriculum will conclude with an Inside/Out chapter that will guide women in identifying their personal style based on body shape and taste.

As each woman walks through the 6 principles, they will discover their identity, their purpose and ultimately know who they are to become. I think it’s appropriate to take another moment to take that in……

Will you be there as we help women realize who they are created to be? Is that you? Is that your daughter, sister, mother, best friend?

2015 is going to be a journey for the CW Family as we prayerfully seek God’s direction on what He wants to say to His daughters. Will you join us as we pray?

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Prayer: Join our prayer team and cover every woman that ‘walks’ through Created Woman. Email us here to commit to joining our prayer team as we write.

Other ways you can help women discover who they are to become....

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This past summer, we launched the campaign, She Designed Her Dream & Launched A Legacy. To help make your dreams and others come true, we are asking 100 dreamers to give $100 through our campaign, She Designed A Dream & Launched A Legacy.

Together, we will be able to reach women around the world with the new Created Woman workbook transforming dreamers into legacy builders.



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We are excited about furthering the mission to equip and empower women in 2015 through our core curriculum & Style Speaks on 11.7.15. Because of all of our efforts and working together, women’s lives will be changed forever. 

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Now, While You Are Single is a practical guide to help women discover and embrace their true identity in Christ through a journey of healing, ultimately revealing God’s purpose and plan for their life while they are single. 




Originally published May, 2015