Being Fabulous!

Being fabulous comes from being who you were created to be.  That's why CW is so excited to partner with the Fabulous Working Ladies for their event this week on Wednesday May 8th and Thursday, May 9th at the Range in the Domain Austin.  It will be a night for both the fabulous men and women!  Music, poker, a chance to win a Fiat car and of course, all the fabulous ladies!

Founder, Shari Arnold, gave us a behind the scenes look at what to expect at the party and how the Fabulous Working Ladies launched.

What is Fabulous working ladies?

The Fabulous Working Ladies is a caring family that creates opportunities to build relationships with other women nationwide, while having fun, giving back and providing education that will support the personal growth of its members. Making the FWL a national resource for women serving in business, life and community.

 How did it start?

In Dallas 2006. I had just moved back after being gone for many years and knew no one. I started it to make some friends. Then friends in Houston wanted one there, then Austin in 2009. I saw so many ways to give back, so many in need. So many hurting. It doesn’t take a lot to help those less fortunate than us.

As the founder, what inspired you to launch

I went to so many networking groups and the same thing happened over and over again, someone just shoving a business card at me without even knowing anything about me.  I wanted to get to know them and learn about them. I wanted to buy jewelry, get my hair done, find services and I wanted to like the person I was doing business with.  And as a group we can make a difference in this is not all about us!

Tell us about your May 8th & 9th event, Fab 7

Oh goodness...what a blast this will be. Our charity poker tourney on May 8th is filling up fast and we expect 200 players vying to win a $10k seat to the World Series of Poker in Las will get very intense the last hour, at the last table! Then May 9th the hole in one to win a FIAT, and Suede is in the house! Our 7 charities will be there showing off their wonderful organizations. It is all about our charities and of course us having fun while bringing awareness to them.  We do Party to Provide!

What’s the future of Fabulous Working ladies & how can women get involved?

We are up to I think  17 chapters nationwide and more coming on board. Find a chapter, start a chapter, find women that want to connect, make friends and always give back. Every luncheon, in every city, has a FAB Cause for the month. Help build a house for Habitat, help remodel a safe house, help at a soup kitchen, volunteer for Special Olympics, raffle a TV for some deserving kids, build a handicap ramp for a veteran...give someone a hug! Do something to help someone.

How can fabulous ladies find you? or call me...I think my cell phone is plastered everywhere.

What’s the 1 thing you want every lady who attends one of your events walk away with – feeling, thought, idea?

That they just found a new friend. They can share a personal story and not be judged, just hugged. They found a cause they can help and give back to. And they just might get the Drama Queen award if they try real hard!

Click invite for more information on the FABULOUS 2-night event!