Dream On

Do you remember what you were like when you were a child? If you were anything like me, you had a number of big dreams and magnificent ideas. You thought you could do anything! I wanted to become a jazz singer. Something about standing next to a shiny baby grand, in a long sequined gown, provoked my interest. I was thrilled to receive a small electric piano that Christmas. I would learn to play and sing to prepare for my future; however, as the New Year arrived and faded, so did that dream.

And, just this year, my great nephew, Judah, learned that he and his family would spend the day at a local water park. The night before their trip to the aquatic wonderland, this 4-year old adventurer, along with his siblings, decided to ‘practice’ sliding down the giant water slide. He grabbed a bed sheet and proceeded to climb to the top of his bunk bed, tied a one corner of the sheet to one of the bed posts and the opposite sheet corner to the dresser below - on the other side of the room. He, then climbed back up to the top bunk for his practice run, and ended up with a trip to the ER and a broken arm! Never made the trip to the water park. What captures my attention about this story is the fact that Judah knew what he wanted – and he went for it. There’s something about that childlike determination, bravery and perseverance!

As we evolve, develop and mature we become cognizant of the fact that things don’t always turn out the way we anticipate! We tend to give way to our limitations rather than exercising the opportunities at hand. The effect of this internal disharmony reveals itself in various ways – through our relationships, thinking, and behavior.

Peter, in a New Testament letter to his friends, said “I’m writing to hold your minds in a state of undistracted attention.” He goes on to remind them that God brought the world to harmony, from utter chaos, by His word. Today, my goal is to challenge limited thinking and restricted behavior based on fear, distraction or former experiences. We can accomplish more than we imagine. We have the ability to live out the breadth of our dreams, and have what it takes to become . . . (fill in the blank).

I invite to you partner with the ideas and the power that is alive within you; your Creator purposefully positioned each one of them. He has the ability to fulfill every dream, every desire, regardless of our current or past situation. Let’s trust Him with the process and outcome.

Dream on dreamer!

 Gather Her 6.16
Topic: Charlotte’s Web - a conversation on the power of words.

barbaraSpeaker: Barbara Salisbury: Barbara Salisbury is a professional Leadership Coach who firmly believes in the human potential for greatness of others. She partners with her clients to see them be intentional proactive leaders in all areas of their lives and to realize and celebrate their goals at a level that they have never experienced before. She regularly quotes that “Coaching is not what I do, it is who I am”.



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An evening of fashion and faith meant to refresh her through power messages, dinner, pampering and a time to share, create and grow with other dreamers and women of purpose.

There’s something special that happens when women who live on purpose gather around a dinner table. The conversations are life changing causing a shift in momentum in where we are going.

~ A movement ~ An awakening ~

That’s why Created Woman has designed a monthly gathering called CW: Gather Her for women who desire to and are living on purpose and for a purpose on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Arthouse Austin.

You’re invited to be refreshed, renewed and sharpened so that you can continue to be and become who you are created to be, run your race with endurance and show up well!

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Pictures courtesy of Austin Art House and Leandra Blei Photography