Editor's Note: The Color Pink Goes Beyond the Call of Duty

This week we just launched the 2nd Edition of Created Woman Magazine, ‘Beyond Fashion.’   The issue is filled with women who have gone beyond the call of duty and are making a difference; women who are empowering others to be who they were created to be.  The month of October is a month that for the past few years has done the very same thing; demanded women to stand up and go beyond the call of duty. The famously pink month helps bring attention and focus to the fight against an enemy we cannot see with our natural eyes.  It’s a month where women stand a little a taller and speak a little louder as we boldly say “NO” to breast cancer and “YES” to life.

We are proud to say at Created Woman that we have gone pink for the month of October.  We vow to join the fight, say ‘yes’ to life, bring you compelling stories of triumph and ways you can easily join the cause and stay fashionable.

We’re going beyond the call of duty; are you?