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With the toss of graduation caps all across America from Kindergarten students to seniors and beyond, Summer officially kicks off.  2011 marked one of the hottest summers ever in Austin with scorching weather reaching triple digits for an unprecedented stretch leaving the doubters to ponder if there really is something to this ‘thing’ called Global Warming.  With last year’s sunburn still embedded in our memory, we change out our pumps for sandals and flip flops armored for battle with our sunscreen, favorite poolside drink and fashionable hat that does double duty!  It’s the time of year after all the hard studying and work projects come to the an end, we leave behind spring fever that tormented some of us in the spring months, PTA meetings, cramming for finals and the ever changing weather forecast for a more familiar, or more predictable territory; SUMMER! No matter where you go, summer is summer; kids are laughing playing in the streets, families are vacationing, sundresses sashay across the streets and mall windows beam with color.  It’s a season where you can actually hear the snores of your neighbor as they spend a lazy day in the backyard catching some rays or enjoying the shade while listening to the summer anthem of all time ‘Summertime.”

This summer I hope is no different! May it be one that you remember fondly spending time with all the people you love making it a time to remember!  We hope as we spend the summer with you at Created Woman sharing “What’s Hot” in summer snacks, fashion, fitness and more, you take many moments to refresh, relax and renew enjoying the simple pleasures of summer!

Heather Frierson


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