Helping children become who they were created to be? An interview with Martha Bush

Before we can become who we are created to be, someone in our lives probably helped us realize our dreams, cheered us on and were there for us with a listening ears.  Without those cheerleaders in our lives, who knows what could have been.  Martha Bush is one of those cheerleaders and not just for one, but for many children.  Through her new workbook, Martha is helping children overcome losses so they, too, will grow up to be who they were created to be.

1.     What is your book, Helping Hurting ChildrenA Journey of Healingall about?

I wrote two books that work together to help children cope with losses in their lives. 

The Children’s Workbook, based on Biblical principles, is designed to teach children the basic concepts of grieving any loss they might experience.  Activities are also provided  in the book to help break down the walls children sometimes hide behind when faced with a loss.

The Adult’s Reference Guide is written to enlighten the adult  to a child’s emotional state of mind during a time of loss in his life.  It serves as a hands-on tool to assist parents, grandparents children’s ministers, school officials, lay counselors , or any caring adult in implementing the fundamental principles needed in helping a child find healing from the emotional scars of losses.

2.     Why was it important for you to take on this project?

Having taught the Grieving Process for over 10 years at my local church in Orange, Texas, I began to see a pattern emerge from adults who came into the class to grieve through a current loss.  I witnessed them come to the realization that, not only did they need healing from a current loss, but they  also realized some of their childhood hurts had not been resolved. With that discovery, I began to see the importance of building a foundation for children at an early stage in life to help them cope with losses.

This was confirmed to me the night, Dan Brack, the children’s minister at my church approached me with these words:  “Can you help me?  I’ve got some hurting children in my services, and I don’t know how to help them.”  So, I agreed to write a study course that he could use in his services.

3.     During this project, was there an ‘A-HA moment’ that you were not expecting?

My biggest “A-HA’ moment came as I was researching grief in children in an effort to write the study course for the children church pastor at my church.  While reading Recovering from Losses in Life, by H. Norman Wright, Mr. Wright stated:  “Probably the #1 reason children are overlooked during times of loss is because the primary adult in the child’s life just simple doesn’t know “how to help the child.”

That confirmed what Dan was saying to me:  “Children in my services are hurting, but I don’t know how to help them.”  And so, with encouragement from my daughter Heather, my passion for children expanded beyond the walls of my local church, and publish the book.

4.     If just one message can be gained from your book, what would it be?

I want boys and girls to know that they can come to a place of healing from any loss that they have experienced and continue to enjoy life despite their loss.

5.     Where can people find your book?

My website can be found at   Click onto “Where to Buy,” and there is a list of all the places the book can be purchased on line.

 6.     How are you being who you were created to be?

As a child, I had a desire to be a school teacher.  I recall many days of having class with my dolls as my students. At an early age, I also loved to write my thoughts down on paper.  So, I have come to believe that teaching and writing are the gifts God placed inside of me.

I further believe that often times the circumstances we face in life team up with the gifts God has placed within us.  They work together in helping us become all that God created us to be as we use our gifts and circumstances of life to help others.

I believe I am using my gifts and circumstances in life in being who I was created to be.


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