More Than A Writer: Martha Bush

Today we are honored in more ways than one to introduce our writer Martha Bush who has been with CW since the beginning.  Martha, who is an incredible writer & speaker, is more so much more to CW; she's also my mom.  It's my mom who encouraged me to write and handed down the passion and talent to put my thoughts down in words.  She's a big reason why CW exists!  And now, without further ado….  

Martha Bush

Martha Bush grew up on a farm in Donalsonville, Georgia.  She graduated from Valdosta State College, Valdosta, Georgia, with a BS degree in Business Education.  After graduating from college, Martha began her teaching career that spanned grades 5-12 in both public and Christian schools.  She also taught adult vocational courses in the Atlanta school system.

Her love for teaching led her into areas outside the school system as she began teaching Bible study courses in jails, prisons, and at her local church.

Through her years of teaching, as well as being an avid reader of human behavior and grief counseling from noted Christian psychologists, she recognized how a team effort can help build a foundation in children at an early age that will enable them to cope with the losses in their lives. She believes this team, made of up parents, grandparents, educators, and spiritual leaders, can guide a child to healing from losses he or she might experience.  They can do this simply by recognizing his pain, listening to his pain and then teaching the child how to apply the principles of God’s Word to his hurting heart. This led her to write Helping Hurting Children:  A Journey of Healing.

Martha resides in Orange, Texas, with her husband, Glen. They are the parents of two grown daughters, Crystal and Heather, who have blessed them with three beautiful grandchildren.  Her hobbies include:  reading, walking, visiting with friends, and playing with her grandchildren.

Connect with Martha on her website & purchase her book:

Helping Hurting Children: A Journey of Healing