One action step is all that is needed

Action! I wrote this word at the top of my journal as I began the New Year.  If you have worked with me, you know that I believe in setting very specific goals when creating a fitness and wellness plan. However, this year instead of writing goals for myself, I decided to choose one word (Action) that would dictate my thoughts and desires.  You see sometimes, I can get stuck by sitting in prayer while contemplating what I should do.  When in reality one action step is all that is needed to get going in the right direction.

For example, there are things that the Lord had placed in my heart for a long time, yet, I had done nothing.

I was hiding behind the mask of:

  • waiting for confirmation
  • waiting to be fully equipped
  • waiting for everything to be “just perfect” in my life
  • waiting to know the complete plan

The truth is that it was just fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of, well there are many excuses.   I realized that I may not have it all together, but it was time to move and take some type of action.

In February of this year, I began in the process of expanding my coaching business by working toward becoming a professional Life Purpose Coach for women which is something that I have felt led to do for a long time.  Do I know the final outcome and plan?  No. But I know that I have a heart for helping women discover their God given purpose and have a closer relationship with Him.  It is time for me to move instead of saying “one day” as I sit and pray for courage. 

How does this relate to our health?

We read in 1 Corinthians 6:19 that we are to take care of our body and then James 1:22 commands us to be “doers” not just hears of God’s word.  So why is it so hard start an exercise program or healthy eating plan?  Could be fear of the unknown; feeling that everything has to be perfect; fear of failure?  Sometimes, one step is all that is needed to break that mindset and get moving in the right direction. 

What about you?  

Are you waiting for the right moment when one small  step is all that is needed today?

Could you…..

  • make one call to learn more about what God has placed in your heart to do?
  • take the only 20 minutes you have today and go for a walk……. instead of thinking you need more time to work out. Use the time and resources that you do have.
  • choose one healthy thing to eat today…. instead of waiting for the day you can follow a "perfect diet plan” which is unrealistic anyway.
  • decide that you will pack a lunch one or two times a week instead of eating out.

Ladies, let’s break the mold and mindset of having to know everything and have it all together before we move.  Remember doing nothing gets us nowhere. Taking one action step is all that is needed to get us one step closer to better health and fulfilling the dreams and purpose God has created for each of us.