Stories of Grace & Hope: Natalya White

When you first meet Natalya, you can't help but to notice the sweetness that oozes out of her with every word.  When you get to know her more, you realize the sweetness is paired with a quiet wisdom that is beyond her years.  I've had the pleasure of being a recipient of that wisdom and am honored she graciously shares it with all of us in Created Woman Magazine.  Her strength, maturity and wisdom is like none other.

Meet Natalya

Natalya believes in stories and how words can be used to bring a smile to a hurting soul, change and reshape ideas, help make hard or small decisions easier and simpler and most importantly reveal God’s graceful and loving hand in everyday battles and celebrations. When not writing, Natalya enjoys exploring all things art, especially when it comes to creating meals for friends and family to enjoy around the table. You can find Natalya sharing stories about grace, hope, and what it means to be the woman you were created to be at

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