The Challenge: I am.....

The past few weeks I’ve had the privilege of working with one of the best coaches who has guided me through work problems, life, how to be a more intentional leader and even marriage. Yes, she’s the kind of coach that doesn’t just check you off your client list of to-do’s, but is prayed up before the phone call even begins and through wisdom and discernment, guides the conversation in a way that often leaves me in tears because there were so many revelations. She’s helped and kicked me in the butt to say the least!

On one particular call, my coach really confronted me about my fears revealing that I used the word ‘but’ a lot hearing a lot of doubt in my voice about my purpose. Yes, the very girl who is leading a foundation to help women discover their purpose, has moments of doubt and insecurity, too. So she challenged me to write “I am” statements and to fill in the black with the good, the bad and the ugly. She told me, don’t think just write! Hesitant to embark on such an exercise, I was shocked at some of my answers:

- I am fearful
- I am worthy
- I am busy
- I am broken
- I am mommy
- I am judgmental
- I am faithful

As you can see, the list goes back in forth from feeling confident in who I am, to feeling disappointed and frustrated at who I see in the mirror sometimes. Do you know the feeling?

But it got me thinking. If I feel like this and my list is long, what do those around me look like? Am I reaching out enough to the women in my circle to make sure that when they look in the mirror, they see the strong, confident woman they were created to be, or are they wrestling with self-doubt and fear, too?

So I started to pray. Who is she Lord? Who is the woman you want me to reach out to? What does she feel? What does she think?

Who is she?

I don’t know about you, but just when I feel I got it all together, I have that moment when it all comes crashing down and I end up in tears saying, “What am I doing? There’s no way I can do all of this!”

It’s in those moments when I need a real, tangible friend to reach out and say, it’s going to be okay because you said ‘yes.’ And when you say ‘yes,’ God reveals and you become.’ (Thanks Lynn Cherry for the reminder!)

What about you? Do you need that person to remind you it’s all going to be okay? When, in those moments when you fill in the blank on your I am statements with words like fear, forgotten, procrastinator, worried, you need a friend to remind you that you’re restored, renewed and refreshed and the promise God gave you is just around the corner?

Me too! So why not do it together?

Challenge: Today, write your own list of I am statements. Don't think just write! The good, the bad and the ugly and allow God to reveal to you how He really sees you.

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