The Kardashians & Finding your father

This past week Lamar Odom slipped into a coma after being found unconscious in Las Vegas and once again the Kardashian’s hit the news waves in a big way. Before I proceed, I have to be really transparent, I have watched Keeping up with the Kardashians multiple times calling it my ‘brain down’ time. I’m guilty and yes, I LOVE their fashion! (Not the risqué outfits but the all black suits and everyday wear and, as a girl with curves, would love the opportunity to raid their closet.)

When I heard the news, I was immediately reminded of an interview Khloe gave during a show saying how she was dealing with the fact that almost every man in her life has left her in some way.

Her father died.
Her husband Lamar left.
Her brother is depressed and not himself.
And we all know about her step father transgender transformation (More about that)

Now, I know that a lot of reality TV is staged, but I don’t think this heart felt revelation from Khloe was fake. I mean, let’s look at the facts! It’s true…what stable man is protecting her? And whether or not we want to admit it, we all desire a strong protector. It’s how we are designed.

Sure, we can say a lot of it comes by choices she’s made, but we all make bad choices from time to time. Khloe and every little girl out there longs to know the heart of her father or husband but sometimes it takes a while for them to realize the love of the Heavenly Father is the only thing that soothes our heart’s deepest longing. And all too often, it’s our bad choices or mistakes that finally lead us to find Him.

We can bash all we want and call the Kardashians prideful, greedy, of the world and whatever other adjective we can think of. But if you are thinking of those adjectives right now, let me add to them.

Child of God

Yep, that’s who Khloe Kardashian is, as well as all her other sisters. Are you praying for them? Are you praying for the Khloe’s in your life and telling them about the love of their REAL Heavenly Father? All it takes is sharing, not condemning, how God has revealed himself to you. And by they way, I don’t think that’s through Facebook or any other social media channel (Won’t allow my rant to take over).

We say over and over as Christian women that we need to support and help one another and I do believe that has really caught on in many areas including business. But, we tend to be the most judgmental when it comes to the ‘other’ women who don’t portray the same moral compass or beliefs we do (Guilty). So, we go on saying things like, ‘Let’s ban them,’ ‘Can you believe___” acting surprised or shocked that everyone doesn’t have the same walk we might have.

So today, I’m going to send out a challenge: look around to those in your reach and see if there are any ‘Khloes’ that may need help seeing the love of their Heavenly Father. Then reach out with a helping hand and a tender heart because they, too, are a daughter, mother, sister, woman, friend and child of God.

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