We All Need Spiritual Wellness

As a Fitness and Food Designer for busy women, I create fitness and nutrition plans for women that will work for their current stage of life and hectic schedules. What has always amazed me is that most women want not only to have time for exercise, but to have time with God each day or quiet meditation. It brings me complete joy to help them organize and learn different ways to manage their time so they can discover a life of peace and balance through daily time with God.

Women of today, myself included, can get overwhelmed at times with all there is to do, even with things that are good. It can seem impossible to balance all of our different responsibilities and daily tasks, great and small. However, I believe and know from personal experience that the only way to have true peace and balance is to focus on your spiritual wellness every day.
If things have gotten so busy for you that you feel it’s unnecessary to take time each day to focus on your spiritual wellness, take a minute to remember why it’s a necessity of life.


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