What Happened to the Dream?

I don’t have time! I have a work deadline. The kids have a soccer game. My husband has to work late this week. I’m tired!

As a new mom for the second time, I understand the time constraint, lack of sleep, to-do list that goes on and on pulling at us from every angle. It’s not easy managing a household, kids, running a business, laundry…laundry! Does it stop? Only to look down and see my toenail polish is half off and open-toe season is around the corner. But when? When do I have time to sit down and get a polish? 

When I was single, I was fab! My toes were always painted, hair cut every six weeks, clothes up to date and right on trend. I even had time to meet up with girlfriends after work. Oh, wouldn’t it be cool to actually have a happy hour again? These days my happy hour comes at 6 a.m. instead of 6 p.m. when I get a moment of quiet all by myself. Now, that’s happy! 

It seems when life gets crazy, we are the first ones to get neglected. The kids are fed, but haven’t had time to eat or just eat the left-overs. The kids got dressed; you’re still in an old t-shirt. Your husband showered and got off to work; you’re lucky if you had time to complete one thing outside of laundry.

What happened to that dream? I know this is not what it looked like! 

I think sentence reads better like this: Just a few months ago as I was sweeping the floor, hair in a ponytail, barely holding onto life experiencing sleep deprivation from a new born baby, I cried out, “Lord, Lord, is this really my life?”

Do you know what I mean? There are those seasons when we feel the dream is slipping away; our identity of who God created us to be has gotten lost in the season of busyness and taking care of others. 

In this moment that I feel has lasted way too long, I’ve been reminded of the scripture in Proverbs19:21:     

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lords Purpose that will prevail.  

You may be going through a season of seeing your dream, your purpose slipping through your fingers; but God hasn’t forgotten. You see, that’s why He created you; for His purpose. No to-do list or chicken nugget meal will replace the plans God has for you. It’s just a season whether it be caused by sleep derivation, transitioning to a new job, life transitions or just plain ole’ God has you on hold for a bit.

Who God has created you to be and the plans He has purposed in your heart will never fade. So don’t worry. The dream is not lost. It’s there, and His purpose will prevail!

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Now, While You Are Single
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