Who’s your person? Lessons from Grey’s Anatomy: Journal #15

I used to be a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan back in the day. I loved watching the love story between Meredith and McDreamy unfold every week and the intense friendships that were formed under extreme pressures in a hospital. Plus, it always amazed me how each character could silence their enemy when confronted with such eloquently spoken long monologues with so much authority that made you cheer for them. How I wish I was that quick on my toes! The simplicity of kicking up our feet at night after a long days work to ‘brain down’ on some TV is how my husband and I used to end our day. Now after 2 kids, we sometimes get to watch one DVR’d thirty minute show that, nevertheless ends the night with kicking up our feet and lots of laughter, after the struggle of getting kids to bed…on time…or course. It’s a rare event that’s for sure, and I have no idea what’s happening at Seattle Grace these days! (aka, Grey’s Antatomy’s Hospital name.)

The one thing that sticks in my head, though, is the friendship between Meredith and Christina. They had each other’s back through thick and thin and loved to ‘dance it off’ in the living room after a long day in the hospital. They had a bond that makes you reminisce of your younger self sitting with your bestie on the back porch painting nails and talking about what happened that week in school. In each episode, a phrase was often repeated between the two friends after they had solved the most recent drama: “You’re my person.”  

“Because you’re my person.”

It was a statement that reminded them of why they had each other’s backs; why one stood up for the other even if they knew one was wrong. It was the reason why the two of them ended up next to each other dancing it off in the living room like no one was watching. Because you’re my person.

This week, I was reminded who my people are. My person.

It’s not that I didn’t know. It’s that my focus had turned to others and I had gotten busy doing the things God had called me to do and had forgotten My Person.

It’s true and I know I’m not alone. Often, we get so caught up in doing good things, even the things we are called to do, and neglect where it all started. Your people; your person.

I started 2016 out with two very clear words I was to live by: Intention and Abandoned. Although I have not abandoned those words completely, the focus has gotten a little off track. Not completely, but enough to where I had to be reminded.

So I thought it would be a good week to remind you, too. Who are your people? Your person?

Has your dream, your purpose, your calling gotten so big that you have forgotten your person that’s been sitting right in front of you cheering you on? The one that has your back, takes up for you in front of others only to gently yet firmly tell you when alone, “Girl, you were wrong but I’ve got you. So let’s dance it out!”

We need those people and have to make sure we take the time to cultivate those relationships because when the going gets tough, we are going to need that person to hold our hand as we walk forward. Let us cry on their shoulder and be your cheerleader. And they need you to do the same for them. Maybe they needed you last week and you forgot…

That person that will sit with us on the weekend and talk about all the things that happened that week. The drama. The victories. The hard choices. The rewards.

You will need that person, your people, to dance it out with you until it all works out.

So who you are people? Your person? Have you invested in them this week or even the last month? If not, this is your reminder to go put your dancing shoes on and go tell whoever it is that you are back in the game. 

Tell them, “I have your back and I will go where you need me to go today, tomorrow and forever because, you’re my person."

It’s not just about you, girl! What does your person need from you today?


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