Equip and empower women through serving with your gifts and talents.

Living your life on purpose and with purpose!

Hey! Before you volunteer, we ask you consider two things: 
You have read and agree with our statement of faith at the bottom of page.
You have time to commit as a volunteer for 1-year.


Gather Her

Gather Her is CW's monthly gathering of women to enjoy a night of faith, fashion & fun!

 Gather Her Area Leader
Responsible for overall health of the local Gather Her chapter. Loves, leads and builds a community of women who are passionate, eager to learn and walk out their purpose & acts as a franchise owner of a ministry.
*If you are interested in launching a chapter, lets talk!

Gather Her Area Co-leader
Gather Her Co-leader is a Gather Her leader-in-training. She ensures the evening is executed as planned, the team is in place and guests are well taken care of though overseeing the concierge team and maintains time ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. 

Concierge Team
Concierge creates the experience for guest the entire evening and is the first step for all new CW Family. Essentially, Concierge team assist all guests as they arrive from greeting, check in, questions, tours, & hospitality table.

Sponsorship Team
Gathers and brings raffle items to Gather Her. 
Lead + Team


Fashion Partner Lead & Co-lead
(these two positions are interchanged each month)

FPL is passionate about bringing new fashion and beauty experts and influencers to our Created Woman community. Here they can here from women of all walks of life share their personal stories and passions behind their products and services. FPL "hosts" a casual interview/conversation with our partners during the Gather Her event as well as insta-story interview teaser.

Fashion Partner Co-leader
Fashion Partner Co-leader oversees and manages the CW pop up shop which includes CW merchandise and raffles. Just as in a retail shop they are responsible for great customer service, merchandising and selling. 

Position Description: Captures the moments and stories of GH. Stories captured will be featured on the CW website, newsletters, social media, etc.

Prayer Team
Team of women who are committed to praying for the women of Gather Her before, during and after each event. Lead + Team

Writer/Editor Team

The CW Blog consists of weekly devotionals featuring stories that compel the each reader to learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Some devotional will be collected and printed into a quarterly or bi-monthly devotional book.

We believe your story matters! So if you are a word girl, love sharing your story and can communicate it well, then you have a platform with CW! Writers contribute once month and follow a standard devotional template that consists of goals, scripture, story and personal reflection. Each devotional focuses on one of our six principles: God-sized Dreams, Healing, Identity, Purpose, Health and Fashion. 

CW is a platform for women to share our stories that will encourage others daily and draw them closer to God. Our editors are the key to making sure we are representing God's word with excellence! Editors are matched with writers to help develop their voice and help them grow. Editors will be paired with the same 3-4 writers each month to build relationships.

Skills should include: Excellent communication, grammar and eye for details. Editors should be well versed in Biblical principles in order to fact check and use word markup and track changes to communicate with writer. In addition, squarespace and google drive knowledge is needed but can also be trained. 


Next steps for our tribe to grow in a relationship with Jesus. CW will partner and use the resources provided by Titus 2 mentoring. Mentors will guide mentees on how to pray,  carve out time in the day to read and study the Bible all guided by the resources provided through Titus 2. 
Lead + Team of Mentors

One on one coaching for individuals who desire to dive deeper into their purpose. Coaches are pre-selected to represent CW.

CW Family Groups Lead:
Biannual 5-week group study of the CW study guide, Becoming: The dreamers study guide to launching God-sized dreams. Leader will organize, lead conversation and meet with groups throughout the 5-week study.

Local groups leader:
Lead a local group of women in a 5-week group study of the CW study guide, Becoming: The dreamers study guide to launching God-sized dreams.
Lead + Team of leaders

Classes consists of teaching on CW's 6 principles. Although this is an initiative that is still in it's discussion phase as we pray and await a space of our own, CW's goal is hosts weekly classes ranging from faith to fashion.



We are looking for a dynamic intern to use and grow their skills as they work closely with Created Woman staff through a 3-month program.

Social Media/Brand
 Intern will be taught directly by both the Executive Director & Operations Manager and gain experience on how to build and maintain brand awareness

Move the foundation forward and keep teams on task by assisting in one or all of these areas: Gather Her, Operations manager, Volunteer Dream Launcher.


CW Sponsorships Team:

To maintain and develop communication with Created Woman existing partners and sponsors and obtaining new partnerships and sponsorships for Gather Her & Style Speaks. Different from Gather Her sponsorship team since CW team recruits individual donors and local business to support foundation and/or Style Speaks vs. raffle items for specific event. CW Sponsorship team works with the CW Board Treasurer to create monthly campaign goals and strategies.

Advisory Board

Our goal for those serving on our Advisory Board is to consider themselves an essential part of Created Woman Foundation and to actively advise and promote Created Woman on a regular basis. Advisory Board are to be ambassadors of CW who are the to be the voice of the generation our programs are geared to. Board members are considered to be influencers and world changers who share valuable insight, strategies and expertise that will help propel the mission of Created Woman forward helping build a legacy for generations to come. Bi-Monthly Meetings
*Unlike the Governance Board, Advisory board advises but does not vote.

Style Speaks V02.17.18.jpg

Style Speaks is a yearly interactive fashion and faith  conference. Style Speaks brings CW to life through fashion shows, pop-up shops and lounge sessions tackling relevant topics. It’s a day where women can come together to learn, grow and socialize for a fun filled fashionable affair

Fashion Show Director


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Statement of Faith

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