Wedding on a Budget: Flowers

I know what your thinking, “What crazy person would want to get married in the summer AND in Texas” Well….I do . This was the only time that worked out for my fiancee and I, even though I always wanted a fall wedding. But you know I am really having fun planning a summer wedding because there are so many great ideas for a June/summer wedding! Not to mention it’s actually less expensive then a fall wedding, especailly with flowers! Yay! That was good news for me because I once read that flowers take 8%-15% of your nupital budget. Yikes! So here is how it works: Flowers tend to be less expensive in the summer because it’s blooming time for many different types of flowers, therefore florists are able to obtain them locally rather then paying high shipping fees. And even better there are wholesale places like you can some beautiful, fresh, flowers at lower prices then Costo. I am thinking of using them, because I friend told me her experience was great and she couldn’t believe how many she got for the price she paid. Also, look into gerber daisies. They are gorgeous, come in so many different colors, and are resonable in price.