The Big Reveal

Well, for those of you who have followed the blog, you know that the wedding was just a few weeks ago. Actually, I guess it was almost one month ago! Time flies! Anyway, the day was wonderful. The weather was perfect, aside from a little wind, which insisted on keeping the candles flame less, everything was great. In the days, even weeks, leading up I was so nervous about things that were "bound to go wrong" as many brides had warned me. Yes, things went wrong, but it didn't ruin my night. After a long weekend of scrambling to finish last minute projects, and unleashing terror on anyone who crossed paths with me, I was so relieved when the wedding had actually come. So, with that said I have posted a few pictures below of the wedding and some of the details you've read about throughout the process. So without further a do...  












Well, there you have it, the night in a nutshell! There is so much more to see and be said but maybe you'll just have to keep reading to unravel the details. For now, thanks for following!