Because He Said So

"Because I said so." Parents have been saying this since they realized, kids aren't interested in reasoning but only in getting their own way. Argue as they will, at the end of the day, kids know, mom and dad have the final say so.  If "because I said so," is the only response children get, they can yell and pout all they want, but that doesn't change their parents' decision.   "For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn." [Romans 11:29 ]   Knowledge to build on In Romans Chapter 11 verse 29, we see why Israel remains the beloved nation of God. The gifts and calling of God are without apology and are irrevocable. God will not change His word or His promises to Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. God's commitment to these people will not be broken.   Life in the now Just as things are beginning to go your way, the "nay sayers" begin to talk. "Why, does she get to do that? She doesn't deserve it." Or even, "You're not right for that job or that position, who said you could do it?" Hearing these comments could make one second guess the gifts our Heavenly Father has blessed us with. However, the correct response to these "nay sayers" should be, "Because HE said so!" Sounds almost childish doesn't it? But really it's the truth. God has given you a gift(s) not for you to be ashamed of or even feel bad about. You should respectfully relish in His blessings...always remembering to not boast in yourself, but in His works. Be secure in the FACT, because His hand is over your calling or gifting, you WILL prosper despite what anyone may say. "My Daddy SAID I could have this. If you have a problem with it, you need to take it to him," is what I say.   Think about it Have you allowed a "nay sayer" to make you feel guilty for your blessings? What do you need to say to yourself to affirm what God has given you?   Talk about it Heavenly Father, Thank you for the many blessings you have given me. Please watch over me in this season of prosperity and abundance and protect me from those that chose to do harm. Give me the strength to say, "I don't receive it," when words of negativity come my way.   More of the truth Matthew 7:11 James 1:17