Learning Peace

I heard someone call their friend a spoon once. It struck me as being funny. Realizing that her friend was doing nothing but stirring up trouble between two people. We probably all have friends like that, or you are that friend. Our daily life will give us an ample supply of contention. If it doesn't Facebook or the tv will. For some reason when I was younger I felt I needed to be part of every debate and take part in all discussions. The exchanging of ideas and ways of thinking. Maybe it was because my dad loves a good debate and often would go back and forth with me when I was forming my ideas as a teenager. Over the years my way of thinking has changed. I have learned to admit when I am wrong and to value both sides of a good issue. More than that my heart has changed, and my need to be right has seemed to melt away. What has taken its place is love. This week my heart has come to rest in, and understand the value of this verse.

"God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God." Mathew 5:9

The true value of this verse has been taught to me by my oldest daughter. This is her heartbeat. She is well spoken and able to articulate her feelings, and thoughts on any issue. She is witty enough and sly enough to be able to cut with her tongue but her heart, and love for others guides her to peace. She manages to bring that to her family and friends. She has chosen not to be ruled by laws but to bring peace from the love she knows God had for her and all people. It is with great pride as a mom that I watch her navigate high school life and social situations with wisdom and dignity. I'm proudest of the fact that God has used her to show me the value of bringing peace no matter who is right or wrong.