In this day and time, it's easy to find people who give up on love; who decide love and commitment are just too much work.Love requires backbone, the willingness to love ''no matter what.''

"....... love never gives up....." 

1 Corinthians 13:3 [The Message]

Knowledge to Build On

1 Corinthians 13 is kind of known as the LOVE book. It makes frequent appearances at weddings.The whole chapter is an amazing standard of all the things love is and is not. The characteristic of love that currently stands out to me is 'love never gives up.'

Life in the Now

My four year old seems to have the same tenacious quality. Most recently it was applied to misbehaving in public.This led to a series of choices and sadly she just kept choosing poorly which  resulted in leaving her friends, going home, and going to bed. As I slipped her pajamas on her I asked how her choices worked out for her?

"Not so good, I don't want to go to bed"

 " I know baby." hugging her.

"This is no fun.'"

"I know baby," my heart so sad for her.

 "Will you stay for a minute?"

"Yes Issy I'm right here,"... more hugs.

I stayed till the tears eased up a bit and then let her know I would be checking back in on her. She fell right to sleep.

When my husband got home I told him how it all had unfolded. We both cried sharing how this really is how God loves us. He lets us make our choices and when we choose poorly He is not there ready to give us "the what for" but rather is heart broken for us. Listening to our cry, holding us through our choices,never leaving us. Letting us know he loves us. His love never gives up no matter what we choose.


Think About it

Do you feel like God's heart breaks for you when you live out consequences to poor choices?


Talk About it

Father, touch our hearts. God, let us know how much you love and care for us and that your love never gives up. Remind us that nothing separates us from you.


More of the Truth

Romans 8:38