VMA 2010 Entertainment & Fashion

This year's VMA'S just like the ones that aired on September 12th once again proved that Fashion always takes center stage no matter what the event.  "Who are you wearing," is by far the most asked question on the red carpet.  From Rihana to old school performers like Cher who wore her most famous outfit from 20 years ago, fashion and music are a match made in heaven. Winners included ranged from the controversial Lady Gaga to the tween king of pop himself, Justin Bieber.  But the fashion is what we remember most!  Here are some of my favorite pics from this years Awards.

Leather has surfaced as a must in accessories as well as clothing.  These ladies did it the best!

Jewel tones make a great impact no matter where you are going just like Dancing with the Stars Karina Smirnoff.

Neutral tones which were huge fro spring and again for the fall, get a little face lift with sequins.

More neutrals taking on the minimalist look that's a trend this season showed up in silver.

Taking a tip from the 1940's, Miranda Cosgrove from Disney's ICarley, showed off her flapper style.

Lace is a great trend to use as an accessory or part of a great outfit.  Sammi Gianacola wore lace in the perfect ratio.

But when in doubt, a LBD or a Little Black & white Dress will always be a winner.  Ashley Green from Twilight showed how a classic BWD paired with great shoes will shine on any red carpet.

Another Great year at the VMA's with more amazing Red Carpet moments for all Created Women to take a cue from!  Have fun walking down the red carpet where ever you are!