April Flowers Bloom in Fashion & at Home! My day with my Instagram App

April is in full bloom here in Texas and so have been the April showers (not this week though...come back, we need more water in the lake!).  So although our theme this month is #GoingGreen, for Fashion Friday I thought it would be fun to see just how much of the Fashion Fantasy Spring Trend has bloomed (ha!).  To my surprise, as I went throughout my day, the trend sprung up all around me!  So, with my nifty Instagram Ap my friend and co-CW writer, Nichole, introduced me to, I snapped away!

This was my day running through the flowers!

The day began taking a picture of my favorite floral decor arrangement that sits on my fireplace is  in my house.


Being Easter Weekend, I've been preparing for our Easter production with late night rehearsals, so I started my day off shopping before going into work.

My mission:  Mother's day dress to match my little Hadley's white dress with green bow.

Mission Accomplished!  My 1st mother's day dress I ordered online because the store didn't have my size....Can't wait to show you a pic of me & Hadley on Mother's day with our coordinating dresses :)

Disclaimer...Not Instagram :)

Next, off to shop for Patio Furniture for our backyard but what I found was a whole lot more!

My MUST HAVE chair from Pier 1...feel free to surprise me with this gift!  I love it but have no idea where I'd put it in my house!

Great pillow (BTW - Loving my Instagram features!)


Then it was off to work to really start my day!  My newly decorated office from the wonderful Myles Wren was right on trend with the Spring Floral Fantasy.  Thanks Myles!


Gotta have a decorative coffee cup for your guests!


While at work, so many girls flaunted the spring trend in lots of different ways.

Ashley was one of my favorites!  Cool, casual and ready for the summer!


Having fun with the girls!  One of my favorite floral shirts from Targe' a.k.a., Target.

Cheryl used the floral trend as an accessory.

Amy sported a brown floral summer dress that looked great!


PAUSE:  Although this was not part of my day, I had to share this picture I took a few days ago of my friend Alex's daughter.  Isn't she cute!  She's sporting floral leggings.  A future fashionista in the making!


For lunch, I took off to Chipolte (like usual) and flew into Khols to get a glimpse of LC's line and this bracelet  was too cute not to show.

Get the look now for just $24 to start your Floral Fantasy Collection

Then, finally rehearsals came and the cast & crew began to show up to rehearse.  And there she was, my friend who made my fun instagram day possible, Nichole.  She, too, was wearing the floral trend and it was a great way to end my day of running through the flowers!

Take a look around your day and see how much of the Floral Fantasy trend has snuck into your world and send us a pic!  We'd love to see where you find the trend in your day!

Happy Good Friday, Fashion Friday