Clothes that fit the economy and the trend

“Timeless pieces are trendy this fall, and they’re the fashion equivalent of a 401 (k).  Invest now, wear forever.”  It was like music to my ears when I read those words that seemed to leap right off the pages of this month’s Glamour magazine.  As a self-proclaimed classic girl, I always found myself yelling the loudest at gals throwing their birthday money right down the toilet as they purchased trendy t-shirt after t-shirt that lasted only a half a season!  Oh, so not economical!  Buy one great piece or 2-3 items with your birthday or back-to-school money and you will find those same pieces in your closet in 5 years still looking brand spanking new.  After a while, you’re closet is packed with economical AND timeless treasures!  The best part is, when you pull them out, the statement is always heard, “Is that new?  I love it!”  Now that’s my kind of thrift shopping!  No matter Marshals or Neiman's, the label is still the same and never rips off in the washer! Don’t get me wrong, we all love the trendy, rocker and hippie chicks because they are all so much fun.  Don’t change your personality! Be you, you’re the only one!  But if you’re looking for some key items to keep for years to come that will save you money in the long run, here are some classic items to start the fall off with this year while still being right on trend.

Camel is a great foundation this fall

The Shirt Dress is a simple classic.  Wear over leggings for winter.

Basic black pumps & purse are a must in the closet

White button- up shirt – good for work and play.

Add spice with a hint of red or leopard

Happy Thrift shopping while keeping your pocket books and hubbies happy!

Vogue July 2010

“When did Chick Get so cool? When a generation turned away from slouchy teas and leather leggings, girls, looking polished and grown up is back!”

The Classic Couple

Now, it's your turn!  Let's swap ideas and tell us here at CW what your favorite piece is for the fall.  Can't wait to hear!