Creating a vision board

Fall is a great time to explore, learn about, and shape your unique style and a vision board is a great tool to use. To create one simply round up a cork board and fill it with magazine pictures that speak to you. Target has great looking boards that are inexpensive, but really, any old board will do because you’re going to cover it with pictures. As you add pictures don’t think so much about how it all fits together, simply add what you like, and soon you’ll begin to see a pattern emerge. Your board will become as unique as you are, and you can use it to help bring focus to your wardrobe. Are you classy? Add a pantsuit from Chanel. Sassy? Perhaps a pair of Charles David stilettos should be your next purchase. Comfortable? There’s nothing quite so versatile as a great fitting pair of jeans. As I put my own board together the eclectic/romantic/elegant style that I’m drawn to became quickly apparent, and it’s a style I keep going back to. Your board will help you become self-aware and focused about your sense of style. Try it!