Fashion's Big Hoorah

Last week marked the third anniversary of an event known as Fashion's Night Out. The event, which allows consumers to mingle with designers and celebs, originated in New York City (did you expect anything less?). It is an event that coincides with New York fashion week and its hopes are to encourage shoppers to hit the pavement and splurge a little.We are all too familiar with the roller coaster ride that the economy has taken us on. One day stocks are recovering, the next they are the worst they've been in decades. Fashion's Night Out has become a global initiative to put consumers at ease about spending. It even woos us with promises of designers being present in their boutiques and exclusive after hour sales. With a quick Google search, I found that even though I live hundreds of miles from NYC, I could still take part in the festivities (yay!). In fact, countries around the world are taking part in Fashion's Night Out throughout the month of September. In the spirit of full disclosure I feel I must admit that at my local mall I did not stumble across Leah Michelle or Leighton Meester. However, there was a fashion show, cosmetic giveaways, and sales galore. Stores like BCBG and Ann Taylor offered half off merchandise and even champagne (don't mind if I do)! All in all I can't say that my experience at the local mall compared to the Big Apple's extravaganza, but my purchases did accomplish the mission that FNO set out to achieve. I bought things. I didn't think about the unemployment rate or the dow plummeting, I simply shopped.

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