Get Your Spring On - Simple ways to give your wardrobe a lift

I so heart spring fashion! All the colors, light-weight fabrics, cute sandals, accessories and so much more! I usually start getting my spring wardrobe into shape right around this time. But with all the new trends, exciting styles, and colors for spring, it can be somewhat overwhelming and a bit expensive. The good news is – it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Here are some practical ways that will help give your wardrobe a lift without spending a fortune.

 Separate Your Seasons – This will help you get all the fall styles out of your closet so you can focus on spring styles. Just get a large storage bin to store your big chucky sweaters or if you have a big enough closet then just move it all to the very back.

Some more good news - here are a few fall styles you can still rock in the spring:

Skinny Color Cords – Spring can still be a bit cooler at times, so keep this suckers around!














The Boy Friend Blazer – This classic piece is a great option when you feel like your top needs a little boost.












Bow-tie Blouse – It looks great with skinny jeans or cords and a pair of sandals.














Do The Inventory – Now that your fall wardrobe is out of sight, do an inventory of what you have and don’t have so that when it’s time to go shopping you can avoid over-spending and buying another white shirt when you already have three. It’s like grocery shopping but for clothes. You can take a mental note, make a list, or even take pictures to carry with you when it's time to go shopping.

Look For It – Before going out to shop for new items, get your grocery list out and look online to see what’s out there. This will save you so much time because it'll help you narrow down which stores to go to for exactly what you need.


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