Green Beauty & Fashion

Going Green, recycling, eco-friendly, organic; we've all heard the terms and usually the first thoughts that come to mind is recycling our glass bottles, coke cans and other kitchen items.  I have to be honest, it took me a while to be 'eco-friendly' because it just seemed so overwhelming to me!  Years of habits throwing everything into one trash was so easy! Well, now that I've got a some better habits than I did just a few years ago, I've noticed how many things around us have become 'environmentally safe.'  Options are right at our finger tips making it so easy for us!  So for this month's  CW theme, 'Going Green,' I thought I would share 4 simple ways you can begin or your extend your journey on becoming more eco-friendly.

#1 Organic Makeup -RMS makeup creator is non other than Gisele Bundchen's  makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift.  She has everything from foundation, cleansers, to this cheek2lip cream.  My thought is, if Gisele likes it, then so do I!

RMS Makeup

#2 Energy Saving Hair Dryer - Yes, it's true!  Sure, it may take a little bit longer to dry your hair, but the payoff is your hair is more beautiful and you've helped save a little energy for the environment.

Paul Mitchell Nature Inspired Express Ion Dryer

#3 Enzyme Exfoliate - This actually is one of my favorites and one I use weekly!  I purchae my MyChelle Enzyme Exfoliate at my local Wholefoods market and it's just that easy!  No hassle, no chemical and my face feels and looks great!  Check out all of her products online.


#4 Fashion - While researching some great eco-friendly clothing, I cam across this great website that listed so many products as well as stores that sold them.  So for us beginners or just time-crunched ladies, save this on your computer menu bar  and take a giant leap into becoming Green!  SA VA Clothing is just one way to start!

eco fashion world

SA VA Clothing

Have fun learning, shopping and becoming the Created Woman you were Created to Be!