Keep it Light!

Whether it's a weekend getaway  for two or a family vacation, people like me generally generally over-pack, under-think or get ready to wear a sundress only to find out I have no shoes that match. So, to help people like myself, I've researched and am giving YOU some great packing tips as you prepare for your summer travels.

Have you arrived at your destination and everything in your suitcase is wrinkled?

Bundle Wrapping is a concept that involves placing a pouch in the  center of the clothes you intend to  pack. The pouch is filled with socks and lingerie and serves as a core object to carefully wrap clothes around. Smaller items are wrapped around the pouch and larger garments  end up on the outside. There's an order of which items to begin with.Here's a look at the recommendations. is the website that hosts the concept of bundle wrapping.




Perhaps how to pack isn't your challenge but WHAT to pack is. Does this looks familiar?

If this is you, you'll love a website I found that has an application where you plug in you travel details, like:

  • destination
  • mode of transportation
  • length of vacation
  • accommodations
  • travel style ( Will you dine out? visit museums? parks?)
  • climate

And voila!!! It provides you with a list to follow. Instead of heaping your clothes in a suitcase go to

The Universal Packing List and get ready to assemble your valise.


Make Sure You Choose the Right Travel Bag


Duffel Bag-This is a great bag for a long weekend or short trip. Because it has no real frame, it's shape can adapt to a compartment, bin or trunk. It's not the ideal companion for an extended trip because it has to be carried either over the shoulder or use handles. If you're a fan of the duffel, you might consider investing in a padded shoulder strap to save your shoulders for your favorite halter top.


Rolling Suitcase-The rolling suitcase is ideal for the woman traveling on her own or carting small  children. They're considered effortless and efficient. If you're planning a great deal of moving around,  invest a little more to make sure you have a sturdy set of wheels.

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Capacity- I know I'm always looking for a bag with compartments galore, thinking  they instantly provide more packing space.  What I learned is that curves cause a travel bag to lose capacity. A rectilinear (shaped like a box) suitcase actually has more space as shown in the diagram.

A traveler am I and a navigator, and every day I discover a new region within my soul. -- Kahlil Gibran