Pink is the New Green

Yesterday was a travel day for me. My husband and I flew from Florida to the great state of Texas, and on that seemingly endless flight I read the latest edition of Elle cover to cover. If I was not aware, well I am now, that October is breast cancer awareness month. Its almost as if for one month marketing and ad executives take off their "green" hat and respectfully pay homage to finding a cure for the disease that kills 110 women a day. The pages of Elle were full of ads and articles about breast cancer. While heightening public awareness and making preventative measures known is relevant and undoubtably important, I wondered to myself if for one month, pink is the new green.October is the month that was once known for trick or treat yet in recent years it has become iconically glittered in pink. Personally, I am not a fan of pink. I don't think I own any pink clothes, no pink jewelry, its never been my favorite color, well, you get the point. I've never found things designed in pink particularly fashionable for people above a certain age, ahem, five. However, this month I am proud to present options for those of you, who like me, don't want to be the anti- donor but also don't want the obligation of wearing a pink t-shirt just to show your support. Don't fret, fashion has not forsaken us. Several retailers offer donations to breast cancer research for buying products completely independent of all pinkness. Sephora has created a line called "Beauty Gives Back". It includes brands like Stila, Clinique, and Shiseido, and when a purchase is made through "Beauty Gives Back", a portion of the proceeds are donated to research. Nordstrom is offering a more quintessential bargain. Free measurements in stores and with the purchase of a bra one dollar will go towards cancer research, with some bra retailers offering to match that. Nine West has also gotten in on the giving and has created a tank top as well as a (very trendy) military boot. These products can be found on their website under Runway Relief. Now let's say you are looking for something more traditional--and by traditional I mean pink. Lily Pulitzer has created a precious charm bracelet for an affordable $48 which can be found at Admittedly, Coach is not my go-to brand for anything really, but if you visit their home page will speak for itself as to why I'm promoting it. The collection of pink is so classy, so demure, yet not boring or expected. How can I turn down a pastel purse or a fun logo scarf, knowing that 20% of the proceeds will go to breast cancer research? Honestly, I can't (sorry bills, you'll have to wait). After doing my own research on fashion and its correlation to breast cancer research, I've found it to be very trendy. It is no longer the bedazzled pink ribbon tank tops it once was. It is designer charms, earrings, watches, and shoes. Now stop swooning and get out there because the best part of shopping this month is knowing its for a good cause!